Capturing your Desktop screen is very easy. You can easily Capture your Desktop Screen through screen recording software. For that you need to download a software program and again start recording so its sounds like very lengthy process. As i had mentioned earlier there are lots of ways and tools to Screen Recording but in this article we are going to talk about how to Record Your Desktop Screen  Through YouTube. You can use YouTube to capture your desktop screen and then make it live just in a click and you no need to install any third parties software. So all you need is a YouTube account and then Web browser.

So Now, here is step by step tutorial to capture your desktop screen through YouTube please have a look in to our tutorial below.

How To Capture your Desktop Screen with YouTube

Step1: Capturing your desktop through YouTube is Very easy. First of all Signed in with your Google account in to YouTube and then click on the upload button, There you will see a Live streaming Button and Get started. Before doing that check your video privacy and then change it to Public. If you are doing this for first time then YouTube may ask your Phone No for security verification.Capture your Desktop Screen

Step2: Next to the event section and create a Live event. Fill the title of your Event and then write a description about your desktop screen recording after that Go Live Now option.

 Step3: Now you will ask to enter to the Google Hangout On Air Page so click on OK.  You can manage Your Microphone and camera on the top of the window. youtbe2

Step4: Now click on the upper 2nd left icon and then select a window to share. You can also select your desktop to screen capture. There will be a green button on the bottom of the window Click on it to Start Broadcast and your screen recording will be start now.youtube4

This way you can capture your screen up to 8 Hours. Once you stop broadcasting your video will automatically saved in to your YouTube account. Check your account dashboard to make sure about the screen capture.




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