Windows Defender, not the best but it can save your PC from numerous threats. Windows defender which is the in built features of Windows 10. But this is not the primary solution to removing viruses if you are not an expert then i will recommend you to go for other third party Anti Virus software. As my point of view Microsoft released this version for detecting the Viruses on your computer if you are using too many removable devices like hard drive from unknown person then you should go for a paid  one.

Windows defender is not much popular antivirus as compared to Kaspersky, AVG, Avast etc. But yes it’s always free to use, it’s can’t remove all the viruses and malicious program because its built with some basic functionalities. But its good for a single user PC. I have been using this software from last one year without any issue. Microsoft also release its update frequently so you can easily get the updated version.

To help the users Microsoft also been offering both the online and offline update version to remove the unwanted software and malware file. You can update the software at any moment by just clicking on the update button. For the windows 10 user Defender automatically check for update. But if you have disable the update option for Windows update then you need to check for the update version regularly.

Some of us facing error while they are trying to update the software their are many reasons of update failure. But you can do update by the following method.

How to Update Windows Defender offline

First of all you need to know about the version of your Windows that you are currently using. It’s maybe 32 or 64 bit, you can check it by opening your windows 10 System and properties.

You can download the Windows Defender update offline file from the following link. Before downloading it just make sure that you are downloading the right version.

32 Bit update file

64 Bit update file

Once you successfully complete the downloading process then open it and click on it to install. Just one click for installation is enough and it will automatically complete all the process and you will get the updated version Windows Defender.

So, this is the exact solution to update your Defender offline. I Hope you guys enjoy this article.