Most of the Newbie Bloggers like me use WordPress to do Blogging. When you setting up your Blog with wordpress then you may faced huge amount of CSS and Javascript error in Google page speed insights tool. Google Page Speed Insights is really a great tool to test your Website speed and performance. So in this article we are going to discuss about how to increase Google Page Speed Insights score for wordpress sites. Because your site speed and performance plays an Important roles in SEO. Now a days Google gives preference to the well speed optimize web pages so you need to very careful about your site speed.

In this article i m going to give you can quick tutorial about how to optimize your webpage to increase the load speed. If you are using WordPress then you no need to develop the tool again just use a well optimize theme and you Boom. Moreover for WordPress you can use some Plugins to increase the load speed. Actually 70-80% score is good if you are getting below then that then you need to do Optimization.

Optimize your Blog images : Before redesigning your theme try to optimize your Blog images. Try to compress the size of your images you do it manually but you can use online tool to do modification.

Use Speed Booster Plugin : There are lots of speed booster tool and plugin available for WordPress. Try those tools to increase your site loading speed.

Enable compression: You can compress your blog resources by using plugins. To enable compression of your resources on your blog just simply use a plugin called GZip Ninja Speed Compression.

Now check your Blog speed in Google Page Speed Insights tool. If you are still getting less than 70% then you should optimize your Javascript and CSS file. First of all try to optimize your Facebook like Box Script coz Google hates Facebook widgets such as Like Box, Facebook Page etc.

Tips to increase Google Page Speed Insights score

Facebook Widget Fixed for Your Website,  load the IFRAME after 8 seconds using JavaScript setTimeout() function.

Facebook Fixed for Blogger, Use following code after the <data:post.body/> tag.

Google Adsense Optimization: always use asynchronous advertisement script

adsense optimization

Leverage Browser Caching for Blogger
You have to include these tags within the tag HEAD of the page

Leverage Browser Caching for Website
Include the code in website root .htaccess file

All above code and script was written by Srinivas Tamanda on his blog Still if you have any doubt on Google Page Speed Insights then please share your query below.