Most of us usage Mobile device to get connected with Internet. From morning to night our mobile is always connected with the internet connection to browse the web and get connected with Facebook and WhatsApp. In India the price of Mobile data plan is so high that we can’t recharge our mobile phone everyday. So, it’s not  a big deal to use a Mobile Data Tracker on your device. Hundreds of mobile data tracker out there, here we will discuss about the Top 5 Best Android Apps to control and Monitor Data usage.

Onavo Count – Data Usage

onavo app

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Onavo Count is the one of the most awesome apps to get report of your mobile data usage. It also lets you compare how much data you use in every specific apps.

  • Easy setup: Very easy to setup monthly bandwidth limit, billing cycle and track your data usage.
  • You will get notification and alerts when you crossed the bandwidth limit, roaming.
  • By using this app you can see how much data you are using. It will display live data usage by Apps running and your apps that use the most data.
  • Ability to restrict apps to Wi-Fi only, or turn 3G off entirely if you’ve exceeded your data cap.

Traffic Monitor

Traffic monitor App

The Traffic Monitor is the one of the best app to monitor various utilities like speed test, App Data Usage Monitor, Signal Quality check and Network info. By using this App you can set your data usage limit and it will start a billing Cycle.

  • Traffic monitoring you can check 3G and  4G speed along with download and upload speed.
  • Easy Bandwidth limit with mobile data monitor.
  • Easy widget option to get the data usage notification in the home screen.
  • You can setup monthly weekly data cycle.

My Data Manager

my data tracking manager

My Data Manager is the one of the best app to control you Mobile data usage and it will help you to save your mobile data. You can use My data Manager to get alerts before you run out of data.

  •  Easy Data Tracker to monitor your data usage on mobile wi-fi and roaming.
  • Call and SMS tracking features to know how many call limits and SMS pack left.
  • Set alarms to avoid more data usage.
  • Easy App tracker to know more about what apps are using most Data.



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