Now a days, Blogging become one of the biggest money earning sources for hundreds or thousands of people online. It is very much diverted from its origin to use for Personal Diaries. People are constantly looking for monetization ways, and why not? If you contribute enough to help people then obviously you should also be benefitted. Right?? ok..

As blogging became the profession for most bloggers; they started to look for advertisers to put ads on their websites/pages. This was a very slow task since it was very difficult to find someone willing to advertise on your blog. So in order to simplify this situation, various Banner Advertising companies came up to help the bloggers; and also to provide the facility to earn money. Among those Banner Advertising companies, one is BuySellAds ; which is the Best.

What is BuySellAds ??

BuySellAds is one of the best Advertising networks having thousands of advertisers lined up to sponsor banner ads on your blog. The Advertisers wanting to sell their products or services search for relevant blogs that have banner space available. Then they pay BSA to buy the ad slot on a particular blog. The publisher gets 75% commission for each sold ad space and BSA gets 25%. Like that BSA works.  But, the thing is, BSA are very strict about the blogs that can sign up for selling their ad space. It is difficult to get approve or stay there if the blog does not comply BSA policy.


1. OIOpublisher:


OIOpublisher is the best alternative to BSA. It provides a plugin that can be installed on your site. The plugin has to be purchased at $47 and remember it is worth the money.

                             Features of OIOpublisher:

  • The plug-in gives you complete control over the advertisement sales on your website.  Can be installed as a WordPress plugin or as a standalone platform.
  • NO commissions! 100% of your earnings from ad sales goes to You Only..!
  • You can run any other ad network along with OIOpublisher
  • Gain access to their exclusive Marketplace from where you can get more advertisers.
  • In-built affiliate program.

Sound’s Great Nah…??

2. AdvertiseSpace:


AdverticeSpace is also one of the best alternative to BSA (BuySellAds).


  • deduct 20 – 30% commission from your sales
  • allow sub-domain blogs (like or etc.. etc..)
  • In-built affiliate program
  • pay out weekly through PayPal
  • Referral rate is 5 – 10%

3. AdSella:


AdSella has recently joined the bandwagon and quickly gained popularity and have gathered a lot of advertisers and publishers.


  • One of the Fastest growing ad network
  • only 20% commission deduction.
  • you can fix ad slot prices for as long as you want.

This concludes the top 3 BSA alternatives. This comparison is according to me. If you have a better suggestion then Comment below. I’m looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

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