Top 5 Best Text Editors Tool To make your Programming Better

We are the Geeks and we are the Programmers so we know how to write code. Programming and other development task requires Best Text Editors to make your Programming skill better and faster. So, first of all to become a good programmer or a coder you need a Good machine with some programming Tools. Basically programming needs a lot of time so you have to spent too much time in  front of a computer.  So, it’s very essential to have a good programming tools otherwise your eyes will start burning. There are lots of programming tools are available on the web but Best Text Editors are few.

Top 5 Best Text Editors for Windows, Mac and Linux

Different text editors for different language, me personally use sublime Text Editors for PHP and HTML it’s works pretty well with PHP and HTML. So, choose the Best Text Editors for your programming language. Here are the best Programming tools that can be use for free.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the one of the best favorite text editors, this public platform include lot of features. This text editor is pretty amazing and different plugins are available for different programming languages. This tool is available in two variants Free and premium. You can use the Free versions with some amazing features and you can upgrade it to pro for it’s premium features. The best feature of this tool is command helper you can use it when you writing codes.

This tool includes multiple features like you can open your project folder in sidebar and you can have multiple files open at once. You can open multiple Tab for different languages to customize your Project. You can use the free version without time limit but you can buy the License code at any moment you want.Best Text Editors

Support Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

Visual Studio Lite

Visual Studio lite which is release by Microsoft, This tool is based on Electron and Chromium and basically used for the development of Desktop Applications with io.js. Visual studio code is include a lot of features like debugging, Git version control, code completion and some other more features. This is the another best tool for Application developers and it’s totally customizable where you can change the color of the theme. This open source tool now supports Linux Debugging Apps also. Microsoft recently release a Visual Studio extension that adds remote debugging using GDB of Linux software.Visual Studio Code

Support Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac


Notepad++ is like by every developer where you can combine code and and Word together. The recent version of notepad++ is working great with Windows 10. This is the one of the Very lite Text Editors to Write and develop a program. You can download this Text editor from their official website for free.Notepad++

Support Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac


Atom, yes its works like as is sound. Atom is developed by GitHub team to full fill the purpose of a programmer. We can call it a text editor for the 21st century. Thanks for the Github developers team to releasing it for free. This tool is comes with lot of features like multi-panel desing, File browser, plugin support and many more. GitHub has been working on Atom for more than six years and has made the new editor as a beta program. So, why we are looking for another Text editor just download this and enjoy your programming.atom Text Editors

Adobe Brackets

Adobe brackets is powered by If you are a front-end developer than don’t forget about this Text Editor which working well with HTML5 and CSS3. It is an open source text editor for the web designer but not for the hard core programmers. This tool is very customizable and supports lot of plugins for free. adobe brackets

Support Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac


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