Now a days Young stars are very passionate about Coding and Hacking. Many of us also started Learning hacking because of its high demand. If you are a good coder or hacker then you no need to worry about your career, lots of tech companies are out there and you can get your dream job easily.

If you are really interested in hacking and other penetration stuff then you should know about the best Linux Distros to start with. So, today in this article we are come up with the best operating system that hackers are using for hacking. Please have a look in to the Top 10 Linux Distros which are free and open source. This article is only for educational purpose.

1 . Kali Sana: Which is one of the most popular and well known Linux OS among all the hackers because of its features. Kali Sana which is comes with lots of security scanning tool and Penetration testing tool. Kali Sana is the later version of Backtrack which is also known as Kali Linux. Kali Sana has the most advanced Penetration testing tools then the other OS. Kali Sana is created and developed by Offensive Security Ltd for the purpose of Digital forensics and Penetration testing, now this OS is using in such a huge scale among the whole world. Kali Sana or Kali Linux which is always free to download and its also works in VMware and ARM. If someone ask me about which is the best OS for newbies hacker then my first recommend will be Kali Linux.

2 . BackBox: You may be heard about BackBox it has almost all the forensic and analysis tools from web analysis to network scanning. BackBox is a Linux distribution based on ubuntu. BackBox is very light weight which can be run on very simple machine it also includes vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis and exploitation. This OS is mostly used by ethical hacking Laboratories for ethical hacking and security testing. This OS is comes with all the most known and used ethical hacking tools which are always useful in security testing. Thanks to the developers for making such an awesome OS and make it available for Free.

3 . Live Hacking OS: Live hacking OS which is the another well known OS for ethical hacking and Penetration Testing. It has bundle of Hacking and Penetration testing tool with inbuilt GNOME graphical user interface. Basically this OS is used for some kind of network and Pen testing. So, we can say this is the another Hacking OS for security experts which is based on Linux platform. I will recommend this OS for you of you really want to become and Penetration testing expert. Like other Linux Based OS its always free for you to download.

4 . Parrot Security OS: Another OS for Computer forensic and Pentesting is Parrot Security OS. This is cloud base OS which is basically designed for ethical hacking, pen testing, computer forensics, ethical hacking, cryptography etc, and it has also include some tools like Plethora which allows you to work anonymously. This OS is based on Debian Platform and the mixture of frozenbox and Kali Linux which is developed and control by Frozenbox team. Parrot OS is also known as Best Security OS which has very powerful inbuilt Gnome2 security interface.

5 . NodeZero: Nodezero is very handy Penetration testing tools collection distro. They believe that Livecd is not for those who does Penetration testing on regular basis, but they provide livecd of their distro. Nodezero is reliable and stable. It is based on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Download your free and open copy of NodeZero Linux today, because real hackers count from zero.

6 . Pentoo: Pentoo is a security-focused Linux distro based on Gentoo. It is basically a Gentoo install with lots of customized tools, customized kernel, and more. Here is a list of the features currently included :

Hardened Kernel with aufs patches
Backported Wifi stack from latest stable kernel release
Module loading support ala slax
Changes saving on usb stick
XFCE4 wm
Cuda/OPENCL cracking support with development tools
System updates if you got it finally installed

7 . GnackTrack: GnackTrack author is no longer updating its distro since the release of BackTrack5. GnackTrack is similar OS as BackTrack with the implementation of Gnome.

8 . Network Security Toolkit: Network security toolkit is based on Fedora and runs on 32 as well as 64 bit platforms. Network security toolkit provides tools to test, monitor and fix the network issues. The main purpose of developing this Toolkit is to provide the security professional and network administrator with a comprehensive set of Open Source Network Security Tools.

9 . Samurai web Framework: The Samurai Web Testing Framework is a live linux distro which is pre-configured with Web penetration testing tools. Yes this is the best for Web Penetration Testing and this is a live linux which is beneficial to clear all hacking tracks. You can download VMware image as well as ISO image from Sourceforge.

10 . Bugtraq : Bugtraq Team is experienced freaks and developers. Bugtraq is available in Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuSe in 32 and 64 bit architectures. Bugtraq system offers the most comprehensive distribution, optimal, and stable with automated services manager in real time. This distribution based on the 3.2 and 3.4 kernel.

I hope you found the above article is helpful for you. All the information is shared here for educational purpose only please don’t misuse it. Thnaks



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