Top 10 Best Screen Recording and Capturing software for Mac

You may probably seen that lots of people making video of their Mac PC and upload it in to YouTube. So How it is Possible to make video of Your Mac screen?? Yes you can do it through Mac screen recorder software. You can make a video of your Mac screen through this software at anytime. If you are a Pro gamer then it will more fruitful for you as people making Money  by Uploading Game Playing Video on YouTube. If you are a YouTuber then you can make a Demo video of Your Product like How to use Screen Recording and Capturing software or any other Tutorial. How to record screen on Mac?? by using this kind of software you can take screenshots and record the every movement and activities of your Mac screen. You can make Screen Recording Video of  Your Mac in any Video format as well as sound of your running programme.  You can also edit these screen recordings, insert audio effects, video effects and much more. So if you are looking for a screen recording software for your Mac then you can read this article, here we picks the Top 10 Best Screen Recording and Capturing software for Mac have a look below.

Best Screen Recording and Capturing software for Mac OS

Capture Me

If you are a normal user like me then i will recommend you to use Capture Me. This is the one of the Best screen recording software for Mac according to my research. Capture Me allow you to capture everything that’s happening on your Desktop Screen. This software comes with lots of features  where you can record your screen any size and resolution you want. You can also select a specific area of your screen to record. Capture me is Pretty easy to use and is very user friendly. You can download this Screen Recording software from any trusted source.

Camtasia 2

Another awesome screen recording software is Camtasia 2. This software is pretty expensive but there is a lot of in-built features which is really awesome. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS and developed by TechSmith. If you are pro level Gamer or Developer ok whatever you are then i will highly suggest you to use this tool because of its popularity and Good Ratings. I use it for my Windows PC its works like really charm hope will work well for Mac OS X too. Camtasia allows you to record the screen of your computer and at the same time its also allows you to record the sounds of your running program. Once you complete the record its automatically add to the Editing timeline where you can do the editing stuff like adding effects, copy cut the clip and more. I’m 100% sure that if your are using Camtasia it will obviously increase your YouTube viewers and the amount of likes. so don’t worry about it just go for it. Camtasia also has a in-built video Editor where you can directly add video in to Editing section. So you can say this is the best screen recording and most powerful video editor.


ScreenFlow is the another best tool after Camtasia there is no doubt. Though this is the paid one but this will brings professional level screen recording video for  you. ScreenFlow comes with lots of professional features which will  help you to make professional level video. There is an another great feature included in this software that allow you to connect iPhone, iPod and other output device as well as Screen recording of Your Mac. ScreenFlow also has multi-track Editing timeline where you can add more effects with Motion control, Motion Control basically lets you zoom in to a part of the video in mouse control.


Skitch is the another Screen capturing tool of Mac and its very easy to use. Skitch let you make screen record and sharing screenshots in a very easy way. This software allow you to take multiple screenshots at the same time and also add icons, texts, arrows to the video. You can do cropping, highlighting, blur in this tool this software is developed by Evernote Production. Once you complete the process there is an option to upload the video directly to the Facebook and youtube.


VLC, yah it is VLC Player which software you use a lot for watching Movies and to listening Music. VLC player has a lot of in-built features that you probably don’t know about it. This is the another great way to record your Mac screen for free. To enable this hidden features simply go to the File Menu option and then Capture Video. Where you need to change the source selection to screen. VLC allows some basic features like audio input quality to record the screen and more. if your are looking for Video capturing software for free of cost then VLC always free for you.


Another Free tool QuickTime player also has the screen recording option for Mac. This software system allows to make video at 15fps and also the Microphone Audio but not the system sound. QuickTime is totally free to download. To do screen recording with QuickTime just go to File option in the menu and Start the Screen Recording session. Ok that’s it, you can make screen capturing video by using this software at any moment. Thanks for the developers put it for Free.


Yah another great free software is QuickCast which allow you to take screenshots with  maximum duration of 5 minutes. QuickCast which is basically a menu bar app that allows Video recording at one click with both External Mic and Webcam.


Jing capture screenshots from any part of your Computer screen. You can also add text, images, arrows and icons by using this software. You can make screen recording as screenshots and save them as movie of your Screen. This tool is very easy to use and You can use at just any other software.

Light Shot

You may Know about Light shot which is available for Windows and Mac both the platform. To make screen recording by using this tool just select an area of your Computer PC and it will capture screenshots of your PC. You can add effects in this tool before uploading it the Facebook or Twitter.


iShowU this an another screen  capturing software for mac user which is available in two different types. iShowu classic and iShowU pro. If you like the features of this software then you can upload it the Pro version.

In above i mentioned  about some screen recording software for Mac user. After a long research i found the above tool is useful for OS X screen. Ok that’s all about Top 10 Best Screen Recording and Capturing software for Mac. If you have better idea about screen capturing apps then Let us know in comment section, Thanxx.



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