Top 10 Best 3D Modelling software for windows and Mac

Now a days 3D Modelling software has greatly changed the World of Designing. Today’s engineer, Architect, Designer and lots of people use 3D Modelling software to make their work easy. Basically 3D means 3 dimensional that are created on three angles like X,Y and Z. So, you can see 3D modelling graphics, design, animation at any where like Movies, Studio etc. But its not so easy to make it must be needed high quality software and tools. Most of the designer and engineer using various kind of 3D modelling software and tool to create a fantastic design. But finding a 3D modelling software is not so easy its takes a lots of time so here we are going to update about Top 10 Best 3D Modelling software for windows and Mac.

Best 3D Modelling software for Beginners

These days the Price of a 3D modelling software on the market is not cheap. After a long hour research we found some companies and developers that Release 3D Modelling software for Free of cost. If you are a newbie designer and looking for great 3d designing software for free then please have a look below.


Sketchup is the one of the best 3D modelling tool which is available for free. This tool is available in two categories SketchUp make and Sketvhup Pro. Sketchup make is the one of the most popular software among all the 3D designers which is use for designing, architecture, engineering, video game development etc and its available for free. Sketup make comes with model library and 3D warehouse where you can get lot of 3D models uploaded by other user. If you wants more advanced features on it then you can go for the sketchup pro version. You can use Sketchup pro for 30 Days without any charge after 30 days you have to upgrade this Version to Full package which includes lots of premium features. Apart from this sketchup pro latest version is developed for Windows 10 User and its works like charm. You can download sketchup from here.Sketchup 3D modelling software

Support Platform: Windows and Mac


Blender is an another great 3D designing tool. A open source 3D designing software developed by Blender Foundation back in 2002. This tool include lots of features like sculpture, animation, Photo realistic, animation rendering, video editing and many more.  So, we called this is the very professional level software used for Animation Films, 3D design, Video games etc. This software comes with Blender game engine which allows 3D game creation, edit videos and realistic simulations etc. This open source 3D designing tool also can be used for modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing, animating, 3D application and many more. you can download Blender form here.Blender 3D modelling software


Autocad is widely used by engineers, architects, industrial and Graphic designer. This is the first professional level 3D modelling software that i used. Autocad offers three years free licensed for the newbie students who want to use autocad. Autocad comes with lot of features with motion Simulation capabilities which is very suitable for 3D model and designing. There is also an Indian version is available you can download it from which is also known as Autocad. Autocad 3D modelling software

Support Platform: Windows and Mac




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