Snapdragon vs MediaTek Which is best For Gaming??

Hello techie Today we are going to talk about Snapdragon vs MediaTek and their Speed and Performance about Gaming. These days common people also talking about High Quality Game on their Smartphone because of the smartphone getting cheaper day by day and you can buy a high performance device within the range of 10,000. But today we are going to discuss which is best Processor for Gaming Snapdragon vs MediaTek Which is best??

If you have better Knowledge about android OS and Hardware like Snapdragon vs MediaTek then you will be titled as Tech Guru in your friend Circle. People don’t know what is Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek and their Power about Gaming and very less amount of Article available about this topic. So read our article and buy the Best Android device for HD gaming.

MediaTek is the latest and cheapest processor which is available in the market. MediaTek is developed by a Taiwanese Company. But Mediatek is a bit better than Qualocom Snapdragon in the Point of manufacturing. Which is cheaper than Snapdragon and best Processor available from China.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is bit costlier than MediaTek but this processor is better in the point of innovation. The smart phones making the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset are costlier as compared to those making the use of Media Tek chipset. The revenue generated by Qualcomm Snapdragon is six times more in comparison to Media Tek.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek Comparison

MediaTek Processor comes with 64 bit LTE enable hardware But Qualacomm Snapdragon don’t have such Features. And also  SmaartPhone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor heat up very quickly if you don’t know how to care a Smartphone and also high Battery Consumption if you compared to MediaTek. So MediaTek always wins for its price and performance So i hope MediaTek will give the Awesome Gaming Experience. Actually i don’t plsys game in My Android Device but i hope  Media Tek is best for Gamming.

Ok let me give you an Live Example of Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615: Game Performance Here we taken Two popular Chinese Smartphone For the Qualcomm side we have the Oppo R5 and for Mediatek the iOcean MT6752 Rock  Bothe the Smartphone Comes up 1080P display their SOC would consume a similar battery power. We will test the differences of the SOC though some mainstream games in the market.

The iOcean M6752 carries a Mali-T760 GPU. The speed before entering the main screen of the game Need for Speed is normal, but during gaming the Mali GPU seems to loose out a little in terms of overall graphic crispness.

In terms of other games, iOcean M6752 and OPPO R5 are generally the same. Both of their fluency and compatibility are acceptable. Overall, the 2 phones’ performances are both excellent. (above Analyz is Done by Gizchina)

Do you know Graphical Processing plays an Important role in Gaming. The GPU of Media Tek PowerVR SGZ 544 gives better performance than that of Adreno 203 GPU of Qualcomm processor. You can easily record relatively high quality videos with PowerVR SGZ 544 GPU of Media Tek as compared to the Adreno 203 GPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon.

In general use Bothe the processor is Good but if you comes to Gaming Quality MediaTek Always wins. Some Most popular Smartphone brands like Micromax use Qualcomm processor. Hope this article will help you to choose the best Processor.

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