Run Dual WhatsApp Account with GB WhatsApp & OG Whatsapp

Do you know how to run dual WhatsApp account in the same Android Phone? Yes you can use two whatsApp in the same mobile. The process is little bit tricky but here we are mentioned step by step tutorial to do that easily. Now a days we are so busy that not enough time to manage 2, 3 smartphones and WhatsApp is such a messenger that we can’t ignore it in our day to day life. As per my personal experience WhatsApp is the only messenger which is easy and used by most of the People. I have two WhatsApp account running on my phone one is for personal use an another one for business use.

Few days back i searched on Google about How to use two WhatsApp account in a Single Mobile then i come to know about these solution that i mentioned below. This is the most awesome WhatsApp trick where you can use Dual WhatsApp Account with GB WhatsApp & OG Whatsapp.

So Today, in this article I am introducing you about two new apps to run two WhatsApp account at the same time. GB WhatsApp & OG Whatsapp are the apps to tun two WhatsApp account on the same device. These are the two WhatsApp alternative application from the third parties vendor to run Dual accounts. You can download these Apps from Google Play store but using unofficial WhatsApp application is little tricky so you have to be careful whrn you run multiple Whatsapp account. So in this below paragraph i will give you a quick intro about GB WhatsApp & OG Whatsapp and how its works for you.

GB WhatsApp To run Dual WhatsApp Account

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial App to run Whatsapp account, which is works perfectly to run multiple WhatsApp account in a single device. This modified version of WhatsApp is also available in the Play store. Some features of GB Whatsapp is mentioned below.

1 . You can run GB Whatsapp at any device. [Without Rooting]

2 . Works perfectly with Lollipop Android 5.0 Device.

3 . Dual No features and also has Whatsapp plus mode.

This app is working fine for me to run multiple Whatsapp account on my device and not Ban by official whatsapp Inc. Download the latest version of GB whatsapp from play store here is the link to download it.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Run two WhatsApp account with GB Whatsapp:

Step1: First download the App form the above link.

Step2: Create a backup of your current Whatsapp official version which is already installed on your Mobile.

Step3: Install the wahtsapp APK file and accept the license terms and Continue.

Dual Whatsapp GB

Step4: Once you successfully complete the installation than it you ask you to put your Digits there, enter your mobile number which you want to use for secondary Whatsapp account.

dual wahtsapp mode

Step5: Enter your phone number there then Click Ok and you will received a verification code on that number. You can set your secondary profile information there and then click on NEXT.

Now your secondary WhatsApp account is all set to go active this way you can use two whatsapp account on your phone.

OG WhatsApp to use two WhatsApp Account

OG Whatsapp is an another Android app to run multiple whatsapp account. This app work perfectly for most of the Devices. You can use this app at the same time while you use the Official whatsapp version, and yes its works perfectly in the unrooted device also. Before running this app on your device you need to take care of the following steps.

OG WhatsApp installation process to use two WhatsApp account:

Step1: Create a backup of your current WhatsApp which is running on your device.

Step2: To take a backup of your current account Go to the Settings and click on Chat Settings. Then you will see Backup Chats option, click on there to create a new backup of your messages and pictures.

whatsapp backup

Step3: Again go to the App Settings on your mobile and Clear all the WhatsApp data.


Step4: Now go to the File Explorer and open /SD Card/Whatsapp folder then rename the folder to /SD Card/OG Whatsapp

Step5: Now uninstall the official WhatsApp application.

Step6: Download the OG WhatsApp APK file from here and install it in to your mobile.

Step7: Now run OG Whatsapp on your mobile and it will ask you to enter your mobile no. You have to put your OLD mobile number that you used for the Official WhatsApp application. Ok then follow the steps as its same as before and now you can run OG WhatsApp account with your old number.

Here you can import your backup files to get back your old chat history and pictures. But most interesting part of this process is you can re-download your old whatsapp application from Google Play store.

Step8: Go to the Google Play store and install the Official WhatsApp application.

Step9: Again this will ask you to put your mobile number enter your New Mobile no and verify it.

Once you complete the verification process you will able to run Your new WhatsApp account on it. This way you can run two WhatsApp account in a single mobile.

Alternative method to run multiple WhatsApp Account on your Android Phone

Disa: This is the another easiest way to run two whatsapp account in one phone. Recently when i google then i came to know about an another app to run two whatsapp account in single device, which is known as Disa. Follow the below steps to run Disa whatsApp app on your mobile. 

Price: Free

1 . Just Download the App from the above link and install it in to your mobile.

2 . Click on the add new Service.

3 . Put Your new Mobile number which are currently not use in your whatsapp account.

4 . Complete the security verification and your another WhatsApp account is ready.

If you are using dual sim Phone then you can use two WhatsApp account at the same time, so this is the another alternative solution for you to use dual whatsApp account.

2Lines for WhatsApp: Recently fast app studio develop an another app to run Dual WhatsApp account on your phone, which is know as 2Lines for WhatsApp. This App will probably not work for you if you use an un-rooted device, but its works perfectly with the latest version of Android.  Here is the steps to follow.

2 Lines for Whazzap ★root
2 Lines for Whazzap ★root

1 . Download the App from the above link and install it.

2 . Click on it to open whatsapp.

3 . This app may ask you to root your Device. After successful installation of this App you can add a new Line for a New WhatsApp account.

4 . Put a new mobile number and complete the verification process. It will create a new WhatsApp account on your Mobile.

5 . If you want to use your old WhatsApp account then again Go to 2Line for whatsapp, from there you can switch between your two accounts.

Final method to Run 2 WhatsApp account on Android Phone

Hope all the above mentioned method is working fine for you, if not Don’t worry I have an another solution for you. This method is known as Multi User Features which is fine with Android Lollipop, Cyanogen OS and Custom ROMs. Now you need to follow this below steps very carefully it may looks tricky but very easy to do.

Step1:  Add multiple user features on your mobile. Follow the process like this Settings>User>Add New User.

Step2: Setup your new user account Now you will get a complete new User account with new Phone interface and phone settings.

Step3: Now install whatsapp in the new user and complete the process to active your new WhatsApp account.

You can switch between the two user by pulling the upper notification bar and select the user account. This is the another method to installed 2 WhatsApp account in one Phone. This method is completely safe and risk free to use multiple WhatsApp account.

Root Your device to use multiple WhatsApp account

In this method you have to use a rooted device. There is an App called SwitchMe which allows user to install multiple whatsApp account for a single Android Mobile. You can download the App from Play store which allows you to create multiple user spaces with multiple profile settings for each application. Here is the process to how to install it on your Mobile.

SwitchMe Multiple Accounts
SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

Step1: You must need Rooted Android Device.

Step2:  Install Switch ME Multiple account App on your phone and run it, approve the Super User request.

Step3: Now Click on the Create Profile option and Create two new accounts with different user name then grant access all the settings to the accounts.

Step4: Once you successfully done all the above steps then your phone will restart automatically. Install the new official WhatsApp application again from the Play store and use it with an another Number.

This way you can handle multiple WhatsApp account on your Root Device cery easily. By using the free version of SwitchMe App you can use up to Two WhatsApp accounts.

How to Use Two WhatsApp account on Your Android Phone Tutorial Video

 Coming soon

I hope you guys find something working for you in this article which was about How to use multiple/dual/2 whatsapp account on a single phone.  Our YouTube Video will upload soon. So, i here mentioned all the Working method for Dual WhatsApp account. These are the Current method availabe for2016run two account in a single android phone. If you have any kind of error and doubt then please feel free to ask in our comment section.. Thanks.

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