Parallel Space to run multiple WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Account

There are lots of method out there to run Dual WhatsaApp, Messenger and instagram account on your Android Device. In this article we are going to talk about Parrallel space which is one of the most awesome app to run Dual WhatsApp account. Running two WhatsApp account in two different mobile phone is little bit difficult to handle. Generally people with two different phone number need this. Or if you want to install two WhatsApp account on your mobile then this App will work perfect for you. As i had told you earlier that GBWhatsApp is the another alternative of WhatsApp to run dual whatsApp account on your phone. But there are some few bugs in that App. So i hope this easy solution will help you to run Multiple WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Account on your device.

Before start with this i will give you a little intro about parallel Space. Parallel Space is an android App which allow you to run multiple WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram account without any problem. By using this App you can create and run multiple multiple account of any App. This is one of the most popular Android App as per Google play store stats. More than 10 million people using this App and still growing.

Parallel Space Features

Here i add some features of parallel space, before installing this App on  your device you can read something more about parallel space.

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  • Create and run Multiple Apps and account.
  • Easy to handle and smooth to run.
  • Error Free.
  • Switch and swipe option
  • One App with multiple features.

Parallel Space Multiple WhatsApp Account

In this Paragraph we will show you how to create and install two whatsApp account in one android device. Here i add some simple steps how you can create multiple whatsApp account without any problem. So, please have a look in to the following paragraph,

  • First of all you need to download the Parallel space app from Google Play store.
  • Next install the App and let it open now you will see a + icon, tap on that iconParallel space to run dual whatsApp
  • Next select WhatsApp from the following list and run it.

whatsApp with parallel space

  • Now you can setup your 2nd WhatsApp Account by putting your credentials.parallel whatsapp
  • Once you have successfully setup your 2nd whatsApp account then you can run two whatsapp account at the same time.

You can also run another App like facebook messenger and instagram by following the above method. So. lets give a try and enjoy dual Apps features on your phone.

I hope this article was helpful for You. if you have still any doubt then feel free to leave you comment in the below boom box.

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