Machine Built From Magnets And Marbles-Rube Goldberg Machine

A Youtube Guy named Kaplamino has made this amazing fun gravity powered “Rube –Goldberg” type machines.

Rube Goldberg Machine

Using simple parts like kapla blocks, magnets, and found objects  like steel ball bearings, He used to make awesome videos using small tools everytime.

He has written in his video that:

It’s really impressive how many tricks you can do with that, at the beginning I didn’t think that I could make a whole project based on those magnets, but finally, it was pretty easy and I think there is still lots of cool tricks to discover !
I like this kind of video when I can’t do what I want, I’m forced to think of tricks with magnets in that case. It’s the opposite of my video “Random screen link” when I just build all the thing that come to my mind, constraints are good for the creativity it allows to find original tricks that no one has thought (I think, because I’ve never seen something like this on youtube). It reminds me my project “The New Trick” after rubber bands, let’s use magnets 😉

I think this project is the best one of the three I did with marbles, but there are still a little problem : the lighting.

He has a creative mind which he allows to make things better.

These devices are so simple, yet so complex. At times they even seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity. Even though the purpose of this repetitive assembly line style device is only to entertain, we could sit and watch the machines repeat the same amusing sequence over and over again!

Rube Goldberg machines are supposed to be complex—that’s the whole point of them. but this guy has made it so simple that you can watch the video without any hesitation of loosing your time.

Now Check out the Video (Y)


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