Kali Linux 2.0, Kali Sana, much powerful OS than before

A most awaited and much powerful Version of Kali Linux is scheduled to  release on 11th August 2015. As we all are familiar with its prior versions by Offensive security, from Backtrack v1 to Backtrack v5, then Kali Linux. The next version Kali Linux 2.0 comes with a code name Kali Sana. Which is much powerful OS than before.

Kali Linux 2.0 features

1. Re-designed the user interface for a streamlined work experiencere constructed menus and tools categories
2. Weekly update of core tool sets
3. Native Ruby 2.0 for faster Metasploit load times
4. Built in desktop notifications as well as built in screencasting
5. Featuring cutting edge wireless penetration testing tools and many more

Kali Linux 2.0 Review Kali Sana

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