iTunes Error 14 Fixed: When you updating your iPhone to iOS 10

Finally iOS 10 Arrived with lots of features and upgradetation. Its redesign the Apple Music, i Messenger and improved the features of Siri SDK. The latest iOS 10 looks quite impressive then before. But many of us still facing iTunes Error 14 while they are trying to upgrade their iOS to latest iOS 10.

Errors in iTunes are very common and there is always some basic reasons behind this error. Basically this error occurs due to slow internet connection or while you trying to upgrade you OS to iOS 10. Many of us still facing this iTunes Error 14 while they are trying to upgrade their OS to latest one. So, here our team is trying to provide you the best solution for you, please have a look in to this.

How to fix iTunes error 14 while you trying to install iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad

There are lots of iTunes solution out there but here we are telling you the easy way to do that.

Step 1. First of all create a backup copy of your Device.

Step 2. Then delete the previously downloaded update / upgrade file (iOS firmware file with .ipsw file extension).

  • Close iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC / Laptop
  • Delete the ipsw file download previously. The downloaded ipsw file is located at following locations depending upon your computer OS
    • Windows XP: System Drive:/Doc­u­ments and Settings/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Soft­ware Updates
    • Windows 7: System Drive:/Users/Your Username/App Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

Step 3. Now Restart the iTunes and download the update Again.

Step 4. IF the above method is not working then try to change your USB Device and try to download again. ( Before that make sure that you have installed Xcode 8 on your Machine or try to use Xcode 8 file while restoring your Device)

i hope, the above article will help you to fix iTunes Error 14.

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