iPad Pro: Apple's 12.9-Inch Tablet, Everything you need to know about.

Anyone thinking of buying an iPad Pro and do the math to $799.00 it costs, you might want to redo the math, because in case you want to keep your iPad protected with Apple’s iPhone , will have to spend over $799.00

Advantages of  iPad Pro

#Videos and games look gorgeous on the big screen
#Excellent canvas for drawing
#Magazine size screen is a joy for reading
#It weighs just 1.6lbs
#Great splitscreen multitasking in iOS 9
#Solid 10-hour battery life

Compare the ipad pro with other apple products

If you thought the previous smart smart covers and cases for iPads were normal guys ($47 and $94 respectively) just wait to see how much is that Apple wants to charge to keep the new iPad Pro protected . The Smart Cover for iPad Pro costs $73, and if they want to protect the back will have to opt for silicone case costing – get ready -$94.


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It’s big, but you’ll love every inch of it

There’s nothing mysterious about the iPad Pro. It looks exactly like the iPad Air and iPad Mini have for a couple of years now. The only difference is that it’s ginormous. With a 12.9-inch screen, the first time you hold it, you’re in awe. It’s almost like you angrily ripped off the screen of a laptop and decided to pretend it’s totally normal to carry it around. That feeling of absurdity fades away as soon as you start to use it.

Here’s a good way to visualize its size: If you have a regular 9.7-inch iPad Air, set it down and picture another iPad Air sitting next to it. Combine them and you have an iPad Pro. It’s about as thin as other iPads, and for its size, is downright lean at 1.6 pounds. Just a few years ago, nearly every small tablet weighed that much, and spread across this size, it doesn’t feel heavier than it should. With two hands, it’s comfortable to hold, even while reading for a few hours.

holding a ipad pro

Image: Digitaltrends

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Naturally, it’s impossible to hold one-handed, so you’re not going to be able to hold the subway pole in one hand and the iPad Pro in the other during your commute. It’s not ideal to carry around with you if you’re used to a 7- or 8-inch tablet, but it’s a fair sight lighter than a laptop, and I’d argue that most people don’t actually bring their iPad Air around with them everyday either. The iPad usually lives at home — so why not make it larger?

ipadair2-smartcase-silver-2014In the case of the iPad Pro , Apple is asking for 89 euros for a silicone case , which will have to add a Smart Cover for over 73.47 US Dollar , bringing the total to 168.25 US Dollar( for comparison, can buy an Apple TV 190.66 US Dollar) Be left to those who think that this amount is completely unreasonable use cases from other brands , they certainly will do the same work for a fraction of this amount.

But do not think that the expenses related to the iPad Pro stop there . If you want an Apple Pencil prepare to spend over $116 . This, if not in a hurry, because the deadline for Apple Pencil is at this time of 4-5 weeks. A delay that is leading to large -trading on Ebay , where Apple Pencil is reaching values ​​greater than $426

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