iPad Not Charging Error How to fix it quickly

iPad Not charging Error how to get ride of this problem.. sometimes new iPad/iPhone also getting this error so here is the guide to how to solved this big issue. These days most of the iPad users reported that their iPad is not charging Properly. But sometimes this issue could be occurred due to your Charging Cable coz Apple devices does’t work properly with third-parties charger. So you always need to care about your Device Accessories. Try to protect your iPhone or iPad charging port from Junks.. ok these are the basic solution that every one knows about it…. But in this article we are going to give you some Practical solution for your iPad and iPhone.

Use only Apple Certified Charger

You need to make sure that your device connected with the perfect charging cable otherwise you may faced battery consumption issues. Once your device battery is get empty then it may take at least 10 minutes  for iPhone and 20 minutes for iPad so don’t unplugged the charger at that moment otherwise you will see a black screen.

Hard Reset Your iPad

If your iPad is won’t charge then at first try to make a hard reset for your device. To hard reset your device hold down both the Sleep/Wake button until it get restarted. The steps as follows.

1 . Press and hold the Sleep and Home Button together at the same time for few seconds.

2. You will see an Apple logo after few seconds of holding.

3 . Now your device is restored.

Once you completed the above steps successfully then try to connect your charger again.

Try to Change Your Charger:

After connecting your device with the Power cable if you get an alert that your Charger is not Certified, then Try to change your charger to an another one some time it may works for you.

iTunes Restore:

Some time you need to restore your iPhone or iPad in iTunes. It may fix your iPad not charging Problem if it occurs due to offloads and re-installation problem. Follow the below steps to restore your iPad with iTunes.

1 . Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on your computer, if your device is not visible then check the Show button.

2 . Take a Backup of your files and data.

3 . Click on the summary Tab and then Restore button.

Once you finished all of the above steps successfully then iTunes will show you that your device is Restored successfully. Then try to charging again.

iPhone or iPad not charging contact Customer Service:

Sometimes your device may has some hardware error. In such cases you need to talk to the Apple customer service. If your device has manufacture problem then they will replace your Device with batteries and other accessories also. If you have Apple Care near you then try to contact them as soon as Possible. If Apple Service is not visible in Your area then make a call in 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Hope you found something helpful in the above paragraph. Thanks for visiting if you had experienced such issues then write it in our comment section.

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