How to Use Google Offline Map in India

Google map recently release a Offline Map version for Indian user to make travel Better. Few months ago YouTube offline map was released by Google and Now they are releasing Google Offline map as well. Google Offline map was released few months back but not for the Indian user but their recent updates confirmed that Google Offline map will be available to its Indian user. Some Internet users in India still worry about 2G connection and yes that is true. Myself use internet from 2G connection also. There is a huge gape Between Modi Free Wi-Fi and AAP Wi-Fi city. So, what about the travelers?? Now Google map makes the traveling way pretty easy.

Now user can download Google offline map in India. Users can download an area of a Specific location they want to travel. After downloading this Google Offline map users can use this map without any data connection. Now this offline version of the map is only available for Android mobile, the iOS version of the map will release soon.

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How to use Google Offline Map

  • Open your Google Maps App
  • Now click on the Search Bar and scroll down
  • Select the “Save a New offline map”
  • Select your area by Zoom in to adjust the area.
  • Put the name of your map and save it on your Mobile.

Google Offline MapOnce you have successfully saved a new offline map in Google Maps, it will available for next 30 days. You can update the map before it get expired. Once you update the Map it will work for next 30 days.

There are few drawbacks in Google Offline map as it works without internet connection. The two main features are not working in the map Navigation and Searches for Location. But You can use the map as Landscape mode. Hope Google map next update will brings you more features.


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