Amazon Cloudfront is the one of most fastest and secure content delivery network which is used by millions of People. If Your Website Performance is very slow and you do all the steps to speed it up then CDN is the last solution which may work Great for you. Basically CloudFront Makes your Website’s 20x faster then before and its make your HTML, images and video file available from the nearest datacenter.  Technically when a user visit to your site then their Web browser requests a file from your website, and the request automatically redirect to Your nearest Data center from where user can download and read those file in better performance.

For example if you are running a website for India and your site is hosted on US Servers then you may get very poor performance for your site coz user had requested the content from a server which is from US. So, in such cases CloudFront checks the origin server to see if a newer version of the content is available. If a newer version is available, CloudFront copies the new version to the edge location. In this manner, changes that you make to the original content are replicated to edge locations as visitors request the content.

So, in this article we are going to show you how to use How To Use Amazon AWS CloudFront CDN for Your Website performance.

Step By Step Guide to Use Amazon Cloudfront CDN

1 . Create Distribution: First of all you need to create a Distribution for your site, which makes your site available From every data center around the world. Ok, lets see how to create a Distribution for your site.cloudfront CDN

To create your First Distribution You need to Go to the CoudFront Category after login with your Account then follow the below steps-

  • Open your CloudFront Dashboard by visiting the below link.
  • If you are running a website or a Blog then you need to choose WEB section to get started with.
  • Here is the steps that you need to setup very carefully. In the Origin Domain Name section you need to put your Website or Blog name. If your site is ruunig under www. then Put it in their otherwise put the domain name only. ie. example.comcdn2
  • For the distribution settings in the price class section select Use All Edge Locations for Better Performance. Next Put your Alternative Domain Name. ie.
  • Leave all the sections as default, now you’r all set to create your distribution which is available under the bottom.

To complete your Distribution Process its may take up to 15 minutes to complete. Once its done then you will see the Deployed Status. Next open the distribution and Copy the Domain name and open it in a new tab. If you can see your Website then It’s working fine for you.

Welcome Now you have Cloudfront CDN with your Website, to complete the process Please follow the Below Steps.

Now You have to point your records to CloudFlare Distribution. As you have successfully created CloudFront Distribution so the step is to update the A records in Amazon Route 53.

2 . Configure Amazon Route 53: This is the last step to do, please have a look below.

  • Open Amazon Route 53 by Opening this Link on your Browser
  • Now go to the Hosted Zones and create you own hosted Zones.cdn6
  • Now Create Record Set for your Distribution and save it.
  • If you have Root domain to set then Repeat the above steps.

Ok, Now you have successfully Done with all the steps your site will be read within 2-48 hours. So, Please keep patience for that, You can also check your site performance by putting your domain name in or Pingdom tools.