How to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12

There is a cool way to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone. Here is this article we are going to discuss about How to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12. Recently Apple has announced two iPhone in India, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 comes with Big screen size along with huge amount of Memory space. So, you may like to watch movies and Videos on your big screen. If you have saved awesome movies on your computer then you need to know how to transfer Movies from your Computer to iPhone by using iTunes 12. iTunes 12 allows you to transfer videos, photos and Music from your Computer to iPhone. But when you transferring the files you need to make sure which library we are  using to syncing videos and Music. otherwise iTunes may erase your existed data from your iphone.

Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12

iTunes 12 is little bit different from the previous one. So you need to know how to use iTunes 12 for transferring photos and videos to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Here is the guide to Sync your data bu using iTunes 12.

  • Plug your iPhone in to computer using a USB cable.
  • Once it successfully connected a new Pop-up window will open where you can see the icon for your Mobile in the upper left corner of the pop-up window. Click on that icon to get access to your iPhone.
  • Next Click on the Photos option Which will appear on the bottom of the Left sidebar.
  • Now go to the Sync Photos option, then choose the Sync All Folders or Selected Folders. From there you can select Include Videos to sync your all personal videos. For the Selected Folder option you can select folder from your PC which you want to Sync. The above process will works like this Pictures>All Folders or Selected folders or Include Videos> Select Your Videos and Folder
  • Once you select your folder then click on Done button and next Apply. Now iTunes will transfer your Photos to your iPhone or iPad.

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