How To Track Lost Mobile Phone with IMEI number

Track Lost Mobile Phone in India not so easy. If your phone has been stolen from you or you lost your phone some where then what to do next? Fist of all you need to file a FIR that your Mobile phone is lost With your Phone number and IMEI. If you have sign-in your social network sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, WhatsApp on your Mobile then change your Password Immediately.  Next try to contact your nearest service provider with the IMEI number of your phone. Then they will help you to track the current location of your Phone or they can also block the mobile phone. This method is only for normal user if you have some technical knowledge about Internet then follow our steps below.

How To Track Lost Mobile Phone

For Android user: Android Device manger can track your lost mobile phone through the gmail address that can connect the mobile phone location to Google maps. This tool also allow you to ring your phone remotely this is most awesome features of Android device manager. I your phone is on silent mode no matter you will still ring at full volume for 5 minutes. The same Way you can also ring your Android tablet. If you didn’t get any response then you can also delete your all phone data like Phone number, Contact address, Photos, documents remotely. This option is available on Google settings where you can restore all your data. The steps as follows

  • Go to Android Device Manager.com signed-in with your Gmail address that you use For your lost mobile phone.
  • After Sign-in you will get the current location of your Mobile phone.
  • Try to give a ring for your mobile phone.
  • Delete your Data from your Mobile phone through your Gmail settings.

For Windows Phone user: The same type of Tracker also available for windows phone user. You will get the option from windowsophone.com.  From where you can also ring, lock and locate your Mobile Phone. Their is an another option to deactivate your mobile phone to prevent others from using your Phone. The process for Windows phone user as follows.

  • Go to windowsphone.com from computer and Find out MyPhone option.
  • Log-in with your windows Live ID which you use on your Phone.
  • Next Find  out Find My Phone option to track your mobile phone.
  • After once it is detected you can lock, deactivate and delete your data from the Phone.

For iPhone user:  For iPhone user they can do that through iCloud.com. There is an App available on iCloud.com called Find My iPhone from where you can locate your iOS device or your Lost iPhone. Follow these steps for iOS user

  • Search your phone location on iCloud.com
  • Lock your Device to prevent others to use your Phone without your permission.
  • Ring your device from iCloud to know about the story but there is also an another option for iPhone 6 which is only accessible from the Service providers only.

Hope the above article was helpful for you. This way you can Track Lost Mobile Phone.

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