DO you know How To Take Screenshot of your Laptop and Desktop screen. You can take a screen shot of your PC easily. Screenshot is an images which is taken for capture your Desktop screen. You can also take a screenshot of your computer and mobile easily. There are many screen recording software available for Windows 10 PC. Today in this article we are going to show you How To Take Screenshot of Your Windows 10 PC.

This is the latest method to capture your desktop screen. By following our below mentioned method you can take a screenshot of your PC Screen.

PrtSC Key

This is the one of the easiest method to capture your desktop screen. There is a PrtSc Key located on the upper right corner of your Laptop Keypad. For the desktop user its depend upon the style of your Keyboard. Press the PriSC Key or Ctrl+PrtSC it will capture the current screen of your Windows 10. To save this screenshot as JPG or PNG open the Paint tool and Paste it there by hitting Ctrl+V key. Now you can save your screen shoot as an image. This method is also working for Windows 7/8 PC. You can use this method at any moment to Take Screenshot of Your Windows 10 PC.

Sometimes PrtSC key may not work for you then you can try it with Win Key+ PrtScn or Alt+ Prt Sc.

Snipping Tool


This is the one of the common method to take screenshot in Windows 10 PC. Snipping tool is a features which is coming with Windows 7/8 and 10 OS. To use this tool you can go to the Windows Accessories option and then Snipping tool and then you can select your screen to capture. You can also do some simple customization in this tool. Here i add an image How To Take Screenshot of Your Windows 10 Desktop via snipping tool.


This is an another tool available for both the windows and Mac user. You can download this tool from their website. First select an area to capture then  use their powerful editor to customize it, you can also share the screenshot through their website.



This tool is also known as social screenshot sharing tool. You need to download the tool from here to create a screenshot of your Desktop. Create a account on their website and share your screenshot on facebook and other social media sites through their website.



This is the easiest way to communicate with your images. Create an account and use their extension to capture your screen you can also your screenshots on their websites by investing some pennies.


Snagit which is the well known tool among the windows users. If you need to take lots of screenshots then you can use this tool which is developed by Techsmith. Techsmith a company which is focuses on top level multimedia recording tools. By using this tool you can also make short video of your current window. You can download the Snagit trail version from this link.