These days lots of programmers used to learn Ruby and Rails Programming language coz its very easy to learn and understand. In our earlier tutorial we are mentioned about How To Install Ruby on Windows 10 Machine after that few of us getting error in starting the Ruby Rails Server. So that’s why we are decided to write about how to start rails server in windows 10 PC. We skip the first installation part so we start from the project folder which i was created for my Desktop. To run rails server on your machine just make sure that you have installed all the required gem and rails application. So just simply open CMD or Terminal and follow the below command line for confirmation.

Check the versions of installed ruby, rails and ruby gems by running the following commands

ruby -v
rails -v
gem env

ruby -v for check the current ruby version installed rails -v for current rails Application and gem env to check the installed ruby gems version. Ok if every thing is fine then follow the Next step as below.

Start Ruby Rails Server in Windows

Open CMD or just click on the following one Application.Rails Server

So as i told i created Project folder for my Installation Process, so i will Start the Rails server for this folder as its my main Ruby Blog Folder. You can create your own by typing the following command.

rails new project

You can type your own choice instead of Project ok then start the server on it. To start rails server just Type rails s and hit enter. Your local server will start within few seconds. Which will tell you to type http://localhost:3000 on your browser. Here i add a video how i doing it for my windows 10 machine just have a look in the video.
For Windows 10 user you will get CMD like this.start rails
if you get any kind of error then write down your query below.


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