How To Speed Up your Slow MAC machine??

Are you facing issue with your Mac device or does your Mac machine perform slowly?? But this article is for you to help you identify and fix the problem of your Mac. There are many reasons behind this problem. So this short article to optimize your Mac and make it better speed. There is a lot of tools to cleaning your programs like CCleaner it can remove temporary files but it won’t increase your Mac speed.

Find Running Application Processes

When you Turn on your Mac machine, laptop or Desktop what it is…… its start running with some unnecessary Applications. So First you have to close down this unnecessary application or software. You can check your running application or processes manually. Use the Activity Monitor to check all the Application running processes. To open Activity monitor press Command+Space or go to the Spotlight search and type Activity Monitor and Press Enter.

Now you can see of your CPU % and CPU usage of your machine and also it shows up the running Application process and how much your CPU is usage. Some time a single application of your Laptop may eating 99% of you CPU which can really slow down your machine. In this case to close the Application Select it and click the X button on the toolbar. Before closing your Application make sure that you are not close any application you are on working. Try to close the unnecessary Application or any other application that eaten up your CPU.

If you are not getting the close button then click the View option and select All Processes running on your device. You can see the application running process and memory uses of your device by Clicking over the Memory section. By same method check the Disk option too and make sure that there is also no other application that use your disk heavily by doing these steps you can Speed Up your Slow MAC machine. We attach an image to make your work easy.

Mac OS running process


Close Running Application

Some time Some application will remain running in the background after closing it, it will make your device slow. Some time MAC OS X leaves application running in the dock and some time close button make the application running  which may running slowly or may not close properly. So look at the dock and close the application which is remain running with dot icon. To close the application right clock or Ctrl+click on icons and select Quit now you done.mac os application


Close Startup Programs

Your may be start with some start up application that means when you Turn on your device it may automatically start with some Application, which you don’t like to run when you start your Mac. Which may slow down your device.

To check the startup application or programs open the System Preferences by clicking on the Apple icon and select System Preferences  click on User and groups  icon and select your user account. next you have to click on user Login items. Uncheck any applications that you don’t want to starting when you star your device. or you can add more apps on startup by drag and drop into this list or click the + icon button.

Use Less animations

More animation and Transparency can eat ur graphics hardware which can reduce the speed. To do this open the System preferences and click on Acccessibility  icon and check the Reduce Transparency option to reduce Transparencies. mac transparency


Check FileVault Disk Encryption

FileVault Disk Encryption is a default programs by Mac OS X Yosemite, which helps you to secure the Mac’s file and prevent the unauthorized access to them. Which also stop people to changing the password on your Mac and Singing in without your permission. You can do it on System Preferences window click on the Security and Privacy icon, click the FileVault heading and turn File Vault disk encryption off. We highly recommend to not to do this unless yo getting long time to boot or sign in.

mac File security


Finder Preferences

When you use to view your files it opens to an All My Files view by default. if you have large no of files on your device it may take a long to load the files every time you use to open a new finder window. you can stop it from happening by setting up the finder option. Select Preferences in Finder. Select your all Finder windows automatically open to your Downloads Folder. Now finder won’t load All my files view anymore.

finder mac



After Doing all the Above you may got better speed than before. If you still facing same issue then try to keep more free space on your device, More disk space can speed up your device. To check your disk space Click on Apple menu, Select About this mac and look under the storage heading. if you don’t have more free space then try to keep more free spaces.

Probably now you may feel better with your device the only one which is last choice is still available for you Reset. But this will Reset your all settings better to not to do this but if you have any issue on your Device due to wrong option setting then it will solve your problem. To resetting your device go to System management Controller or SMC .

I hope this article is helpful for you thanxx for reading this Tutorial.


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