Superfish adware is the one of the most unwanted software program that open some kind of shopping site and nude images site for the user. In other words that helps user to find cheap  products online, lots of people hate this and they want it to remove from their computer. Sometime it happens only for chrome browser only. So, here we are going to write about how to remove superfish adware malware from your computer and chrome browser.

Chrome superfish adware malware typically installed when you install some unwanted free software, and its basically open a new browser tab that you display their on product on ebay, alibaba and other some kind of sites. When you installed that kind of software it will automatically add some extension and Add-on for and firefox as well. So, it is the one of the most hated software program by the users. So, you should always pay attention when you install unknown computer software that may ask you to agree to install some extension and other optional software as well. So, in this article we are going to talk about how to Remove Superfish malware.

Best way to Remove superfish malware

So, in the below paragraph we are going to mentioned about How To remove superfish adware from your computer, Follow the below steps in order to remove superfish malware from your PC.

  1. Right click on the windows icon and go to the control panel.
  2. Now click on Programs.
  3. Now click on the uninstall a program and look for VisualDiscovery.
  4. Now uninstall the program called VisualDiscovery.

After removing the VisualDiscovery you need to restart your PC and again Rest you PC. Sometime by removing the visualdiscovery doesn’t completely solve your problem. Basically your PC still have the rogue root certificate that was self generated by the superfish and which was installed on your windows certificate store. After that you need to uninstall the rogue root certificate from your PC. The rogue root certificate which is created by superfish was installed in the windows restricted area from where you can’t remove the rogue root easily.

Now you need to remove the rogue root certificate from your PC. To remove that certificate you can follow the below steps.

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run Tool.
  2. Search for certmgr.msc to open your PC’s certificate manager
  3. Next click on “Trusted root certificate authorities” to bring up a list of all trusted root certificates on your computer.
  4. Look for Superfish entry, right-click and select “Delete.”

By this you can remove the superfish malware from your computer easily. If there is still superfish present on your computer then leave your comment below and our experts will help you to fixed it out. So, leave your comment below in the comment section .