How To Open WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge

Everyone Knows WhatsApp Web this is open of the most popular web based chat application. So here we are going to solve your WhatsApp Web Error. You may know about few months back WhatsApp released a web based chat application called WhatsApp web For  PC User by using this App user can connect with their friends through a Web Browser. When WhatsApp web became popular at the same time Microsoft released Windows 10.

I hope yo upgrade your Old OS Windows 10. If you not upgrade your OS Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 Read Here how to upgrade Windows 10 Upgrade Notification On your PC ?? Windows 10 comes with a very fastest web browser Microsoft Edge So it will be more fruitful if you use WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge. You may facing Error when you try to open WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge. But here we are going to talk how to use WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge check below.

WhatsApp Web on Edge Browser Windows 10

WhatsApp web Already working well with Browser like Chrome, Firefox, opera mini. After upgrading to windows 10 I set Microsoft Edge as my default web browser. According to Microsoft official report WhatsApp Team working on it and now WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge Browser as well.

More than 15 Million people start using Windows 10 and using Edge as their primary web browser so Here we are going to solve WhatsApp Web Error on Microsoft Edge browser. You can make it possible without any Technical knowledge or without any kind of Third party Apps. So Read below how to open WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge.

How to Use WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on Microsoft Edge Browser. Now you may probably get a Navigation Link on Edge Browser said “we recommend using WhatsApp web with one of the following Browsers” because WhatsApp web officially doesn’t support Microsoft Edge.
  2. Now Click on More actions icon as you seen on the following image and then click on F2 Developers ToolsWhatsApp-Web-On-Edge-Browser
  3. Now Click on the Emulation Tab option. Picture given belowWhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge
  4. Under Mode, change user agent string from Microsoft Edge to Firefox, Chrome and operaWhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge

After doing all the above WhatsApp web will automatically refresh once and will redirect to WhatsApp web homepage to Scan QR code. Now san the code using your WhatsApp web App on your mobile to begin using WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge. Now you can Enjoy WhatsApp web on Edge browser.WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge

Some Yu may not getting the QR code after setting user agent string to Firefox and Chrome then try With Opera.

WhatsApp Web officially doesn’t support Microsoft Edge browser so you have to wait few days more to get the official Update. So Above method will not work as expected. And please don’t forget to leave your comment about How To Open WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge.

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