How to Make MAC OS X Yosemite Installation Bootable Disk

Hello Mac Lovers in this tutorial we are going to discuss about How to Make MAC OS X Yosemite Installation Bootable Disk. Apple releases every OS updates on iStore from where you can download the direct OS Files which requires more than 5GB data. You can create a bootable installation of Yosemite or any other OS X release on a USB Drive. If you have OS X bootable disk then you don’t need to download the installer file every time.

Requirements to make OS X Yosemite Bootable Disk

First, A USB flash drive with minimum free space of 8GB. Second, Download OS X Yosemite from the Mac App store. Next Download DiskMaker X. This is the best Disk Maker for MAC, there is also other ways to mount the installer, but this is the easiest way we found. Make sure that you complete the whole process before proceeding with the installation as the system deletes the downloaded installation files after you’ve installed the new update.

First you need to format the USB drive with ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled)’file system and name it ‘Untitled’. Next write the following command:

sudo /Applications/Install OS X –volume /Volumes/Untitled — applicationpath /Applications/Install OSX –nointeraction

Then press [Return]. The process will continue after you type in the administrator password. It will take minimum duration of 20-30 minutes for completion.

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