How To Install Ruby on Windows 10 Machine

Hello Coders, Today Here m going to tell You about How To Install Ruby on Windows 10 PC, which is Pretty simple. Here m not going to tell you what is Ruby and Ruby on Rails Just give you the right tutorial to setup Ruby on Windows 10 machine. Ruby is the one of the most popular web programming language which is Developed by DHH in 2003. Ruby is actually not a Web Programming language its a Web Framework to make suitable Web Application. Ok thats a little description About Ruby. check this tutorial to learn How To Install Ruby on Windows 10 machine.

Installing Ruby on Windows 10 PC

For Windows machine its pretty simple to install Ruby. For newbies user who don’t know too much about Ruby just simple Visit Ruby official website. Ruby Official Installer file is available on WWW.RUBYINSTSLLER.ORG i highly recommend you to download the installer file to easy installation, You can download the Latest Ruby Installer File to use on Windows 10 Machine. Setup process is very simple Like Other software installation process. After the complete installation you can verify it through CMD.

For the Windows 10 User simple open cmd and follow the following Guide Step by step. Ok now you have to learn a few steps of Command line, its very simple have a look below’

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Here i add a image to Clear your doubt about How To Install Ruby on Windows 10

Ruby Installation process


After doing all the above steps you have to install Ruby gems. There is also a one more component need to install with Ruby Called DevKit. You can get the  installation process of Devkit on Github but here i tell you the easy steps to Install DevKit. you can download it from Rubyinstaller website just make sure you download the lstest version for Ruby.

Ok Now Read the DevKit installation Process very carefully. You can read it on Github or Wiki. Before installing DevKit On your Computer make a New Folder on Drive C and Name it “DevKit”. Ok now Do the Following Steps very carefully.

How to Install Devkit On Windows 10

Windows 10 user Open CMD (command Prompt) And Write the Following code on CMD step by step.

  • cd <DEVKIT_INSTALL_DIR> from Step 3 above.
  • ruby dk.rb init to generate the config.yml file to be used later in this Step. Your installed Rubies will be listed there (only those installed by a RubyInstaller package are detected at present).
  • edit the generated config.yml file to include installed Rubies not automatically discovered or remove Rubies you do not want to use the DevKit with.
  • [optional] ruby dk.rb review to review the list of Rubies to be enhanced to use the DevKit and verify the changes you made to it are correct.
  • finally, ruby dk.rb install to DevKit enhance your installed Rubies. This step installs (or updates) an operating_system.rb file into the relevant directory needed to implement a RubyGems pre_install hook and a devkit.rb helper library file into<RUBY_INSTALL_DIR>librubysite_ruby. NOTE: you may need to use the --forceoption to update (with backup of the originals) the above mentioned files as discussed at the SFX DevKit upgrade FAQ entry.
  • If you use the x64 version of ruby you might get an error saying `Invalid configuration. Please fix ‘config.yml’ and rerun ‘ruby dk.rb install’`. See Devkit install

Test Installation

  • Confirm your Ruby environment is correctly using the DevKit by running gem install json --platform=ruby. JSON should install correctly and you should see with native extensions in the screen messages. Next run ruby -rubygems -e "require 'json'; puts JSON.load('[42]').inspect" to confirm that the json gem is working.

Install RubyGem

After Doing ll the Above step you have to install RubyGem. Ruby Gem is Available on But Sometime ruby installer file install Rubygem automatically. you can check ruby gem install on your computer or not  by typing the this code’ gem -v Again type gem list to check all the Ruby gems. to update Ruby gems type this gem update –system

Ruby Gem

Install Rails

To install the latest version of Rails just type the following code on CMD and Hit enter
gem install rails


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