How To Increase Internet Speed in windows 10 All Versions

After Upgrading to Windows 10 Lots of people facing Slow Internet Speed on Windows 10 machine. Our Readers are asking about the process of Speed up the Internet connection in Windows 10 Machine. But is there any proper way to Increase the Internet Speed in Windows 10. Here we are going to Discuss about How to increase internet Speed in Windows 10 machine And there is no other way to increase internet Speed. After doing a long research i found this trick over the Internet to Boost up the Internet Speed in windows 10.

Now a days more than 18 million people using Windows 10 on their laptop and Desktop. Around more than 14 million user use Internet daily basis for their office and personal Works. It may be Whether in home networks or it may in schools/Colleges. Some time you may face Slow browsing Speed or slow downloading speed in Windows 10, then how does it feel? Ok after reading this Article you can Increase Internet Speed in windows 10. But sometime internet speed also depends on Various reasons like the Data plan you have select. If you select a good Internet Speed plan and still facing Slow internet Speed then this Process may be work for you to Increase Internet Speed in windows 10 machine.

Process To Increase Internet Speed in windows 10

There is lots of Method Available Over the Internet But We are here to Give You the Right Tutorials Which Works like Charm in Windows 10 machine.

Change the Bandwidth Speed

STEP 1: Open the “Local Group Policy Editor” by typing “gpedit.msc” in the Run Window and hit enter.

STEP 2: Double Click on “Network” which is under Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates.

STEP 3: In the list, you will find “QoS Packet Scheduler” and double click on it.

STEP 4: Now, double click on the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” and the window opens.

In the Limit Reservable Bandwidth Window, you will be shown default values. Click on the “Enable” radio button. In the box beside “Bandwidth limit” default value will be 20% and bring it down to “0”. Click on “Apply” and “Ok” and everything is set now. It means that, your system reserves 20% of your bandwidth and we made it to zero.


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