If you are using windows 10 then you should know about windows 10 Bandwidth Reservation System. After upgrading your OS to windows 10 you may feel slow internet speed the reason of this problem is your Bandwidth limit. There are lots of reasons why you should increase your windows 10 Bandwidth limit. If you are facing slow internet speed in Windows 10 then you should try this method. You can get better internet speed by removing your windows 10 Bandwidth limit. Basically windows 10 is preset with 20 percent internet Bandwidth Limit. So if you increase the limit to 100 percent then you can get fast page loading speed in windows 10. So here is the tutorial to increase your internet speed in windows 10.

Increase Bandwidth Limit in Windows 10

May be most of the Windows 10 user don’t know about this tricks so you just need to follow our steps to increase your internet speed in windows 10. This method is also working well for windows 7 & 8.

Step1: Open run command by pressing start+r button.

Step2: Type the following commands and hit enter- gpedit.mscWindows 10 bandwidth limit

Step3: Now you will able to notice a new tab called Local Group Policy Editor. Now you have to follow this instructions as follows Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler > Limit reservable bandwidth and open it.

Step4:  For windows 10 the default limit is 80 percent so you need to downgrade it to 0 Percent. Windows 10 Default bandwidth

Step5: Now click on OK then Restart your Computer to enable this changes and you done.

Now you are able to use 100 percent of your Bandwidth limit and this way you can increase your windows 10 internet speed.

Turn Off Windows 10 auto update to get more internet speed

Windows 10 deliver its update automatically and its also eaten up your internet speed. To make it off just follow the below steps

Settings > Update & Security > Advanced options > Choose how updates are delivered.Windows 10 update off

This way you can Turn Off Windows 10 auto update to get faster internet speed.