How To Fix Windows 10 Printer problem

Now a days More than 14 Million user use Windows 10. Most of them are happy with this new Windows 10 and some user facing issue in Printer installation. Most of the user facing issue with the printer after upgrading to windows 10. Some user report that Windows 10 is unable to detect their printers and some are having issue while printing on a Windows 10 PC. So we are here to give you a quick tutorial to fix the Printer problem on windows 10 machine. Before following this tutorial don’t forget to connect your Printer properly.

How to run the printer troubleshooter on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has released a troubleshooter to detect the printer problem on it. If your printer having issue with Windows 10 then download Windows 10 printer troubleshooter from the Microsoft official website .

After downloading it, double-click on the file to run it, select Printer from the list and then click Next button to begin the troubleshooting. It checks for:Fix Windows 10 Printer problem

* Print spooler service errors

* Printer driver update

* Printer connectivity issues

* Errors from printer driver

* Printers that are not shared with the HomeGroup

* Printer queue

Update  Your Printer Driver to solve the problem

Some time your printer is not being detected by windows 10 because of old version driver or you printer driver may not compatible with windows 10.  To fix this issue you have to re download your printer driver and install it and restart your PC to get connected with you new driver.

Reinstall the device

If the printer is already installed, try removing the printer and then connect/install again. To remove the printer, type Devices and printers in Start menu search box, press enter to open Devices and Printers window, right-click on your printer, click Remove device and then follow on-screen instructions.Windows 10 Printer problem

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