Apple officially released the iOS 10 during its WWDC 2016 Keynote event. According to the official report there are lots of features coming with this new iOS. At the same time its brings new wallpaper to its new version of iOS. You can Download iOS 10 New Wallpaper by default method. Please have a look in to the iOS 10 Wallpaper below.

How to download iOS 10 wallpaper for iPhone and iPad

To download iOS 10 New wallpaper on your iPhone, you’ll first need to go to the settings App. ios 10 wallpaperNow scroll down and click on the wallpaper button.

ios new wallpaper

Now Choose a New Wallpaper to download

Now Tap on all photos and Select a new photo that you want to set as your wallpaper.ios 10 wallpaer ok

Now Tap on Set Bottom and select it as your Home Screen Button.

Download the iOS 10 Official wallpaper from Here. image source-


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