Now a days lots of People use adblocker to get rid of ads and popup’s . So in this post we are going to talk about how to block Ad Blocker for your Blog. If you own a Website or a Blog and you use other advertising platform to make money then Ad Blocker will really hurts in your income. So, it is the main task to make sure that your visitor must surf your website with ads. If you are using Adsense for your Blog then “Ad Blocker” will disable all of your Adsense Ads for sure. So, in this Article we are going to talk about how to block “Ad Blocker”.

What is Ad Blocker?

Ad blocker is just a simple browser extension that will remove all the Ads of a website. So, lots of people like to use it to get  ride of all the unnecessary ads and banners. SO, it is the big problem of a website owner. In one word you can’t push your user to remove Ad Blocker from their Browser coz its not in your hand. But instead of that you can add a notification in above the website by requesting them to Remove Adblocker to access your website or Blog. So, by doing that there is 20% chance to get the visitors without Ad Blocker. Remove Adblocker for your user is not an easy task but here we are going to tell you about some small steps that will add a” Remove AdBlocker” notification for your user.

How to detect Ad Blocker for your Blog?

First of all your website should detect the “Ad Blocker” so that here we are going to mentioned about some technical steps so please try to follow all of that very carefully. In post we will cover both the method for your Custom website and WordPress Blog. Lets check this out below-

For Custom website-  For custom made website we will add a custom coded js script to detect ad blocker for web browser. So, our aim is to add a js file in the web server here i make an example called advertisement.js which will trigger adblock’s filters, and after this, check whether the file has been loaded or not.

From below you can get the code block


This single line will crate a new jQuery object property to detect the ad blocker.


To detect any kind of Ad Blocker you can add this $.adblock variable.

To add the JS script you can follow the below Code block


Ok that’s all you can follow that above method for custom made website.

For WordPress Blog- For your wordPress blog here i add  some simple steps to do that. You can follow all the below steps one by one very carefully.

  • Go to Your WordPress Blog Dashboard then Dashboard >Appereance > Editor.
  • Find footer.php on Right side.
  • Search for </body> and paste the Script before </body> tag.
  • Click On update File and you Done

Ok that’s it, I hope this short article will help you out if you are still facing problem then please leave your comment below. Hope this will help you to solve your problem.