If you are searching what is meta tag and how to use this on your blog for better SEO, then you are coming to the right place to learn all these things.Actually, “Meta tags are snippets of code in the source code of a web page that give the search engines information about that web page”. These tags are very very important as Search engines (like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc.) collects information of the website from these tags only. Or we can simply say that “Without Meta Tags, A website is Useless/Meaningless. But at the same time, improper use of these tags also results in Ignorance by Search engines. So, be careful during adding these tags.!!

There are about a dozen different meta tags but two are most important for our purposes: the Title tag and the Description tag. Their names pretty much tell you what they do. The Title tag is the title of the page and the Description tag is a brief description of what that page is about. So, with these concept we can move to the section- “How to add Meta Tags to blog”.

How to add  Meta Tags to Blogger:

  • First, Sign in to and select your blog.
  • Now, go to Template –> Edit HTML –>Proceed
  • Now Search for-
    <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
  • put the following tags just below the above search.
    <meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='description'/>
    <meta content='KEYWORD SEPARATED BY COMMA' name='keywords'/>
    <meta author='NAME' name='author'/>
    • Now, change the Red indicated words accordingly-

    Description: A small description that suits your blog.
    Keywords: Put Rich Keywords that suits your blog separated by comma
    Author: Your Name/ Name of the Author of the blog

    • Now,save your Template.
    • Coming soon with “How to use Advanced Meta Tags to blogger“. Stay Tuned. Thank you for Your Patience.!!

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