How To add Meta Tags in to Blogger Blog for Better SEO

Adding Meta Tags to Blogger Blog can easily increase your Traffic. Meta Tags helps you to improve your Blog Rankings, SEO and traffic. So, What is meta tag? meta tag is simple HTML line that describe the content of your Webpage. Your Blog Meta Tag information is indexed by Search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo to understand what kind of information your web page has included. In Blogger Blog there are two kind of meta tags are used to understand your Blog. Meta Keyword and Meta description this two tags send your Blog information to the search engine to understand what is your blog all about.

Meta Keywords Which means main key of Your Blog. If your Blog is about Blogging niche then Your meta keywords may be SEO, Blogging, Backlink etc. Meta description which describe your blog in a short line. In WordPress you can add particular meta tags and meta description on your blog but in blogger you no need to add different meta tags for different posts. In blogger Blog you can add 10 to 15 different keywords that suits your Blog and the Meta description should be 150-200 words.

How To add Meta Tags in to Blogger Blog

To add your meta tag in to your blogger blog. just go to your Blog and Click on the Template Section and then Click on HTML.

Blogger>Template> Edit HTML

Ok now Search the Following Code Line

Now add the Following Three line after the Above Line

Meta TagsPut Your own meta keywords and Meta description in the Above section. Limit of blog description is 150 to 200 and keywords limit is 10-15. After successfully added all the above steps now you can save your Template. So now You Done.

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