Google Contributor and How it will works for your Blog?

Google Adsense Recently introduce us with a new Revenue model called Contributor. Lots of us may be know about Google Adsense and today few hours back i received a mail from Google Adsense team to Join this new Revenue Program. So here i  m going to give you a quick introduction about Google Contributor and how does it works. So Basically Contributor is a new source of earning for your Blog or Website.  funded directly by your site visitors. With Contributor, users pick a monthly contribution level (either $2, $5, or $10) and those funds are used to pay for your site—instead of ads. That means user have to pay some $ to get ad free blog to read, From that Google will credit some $ to the publishers account.  Which is pretty similar with subscription pack, The result is that users will pay to see fewer ads and you still get paid from that amount.

How Google Contributor Works

If you want to get paid from Google Contributor then you have to introduce your readers to Contributor. Basically you have to tell your user that your Blog supports Contributor. There are three ways to tell your readers that they can read your blog without ads by paying some $. The Three Ways is-

  • Show Contributor Badge on your Site/Blog
  • Set up house Ads
  • Post an announcement on your Blog

How to Add Contributor Adds to your Blog

You can add the Contributor ads to your site by adding a simple Script on your Website Template. The contributor banner tells visitor to your site that can help fund your content through alternative means. The contributor banners are available in three colors “light”, “dark” and “white”. Google Contributor forum published a simple script to introduce your readers with Contributor. You can add the following script in your Website at anywhere you want.

Add the following code to your template

<script src="" data-width="88" data-height="31" data-theme="light" data-pub-name="Your Site Name" data-pub-id="ca-pub-00000000000"></script>

You can specify the following variables
width // int (size in pixels)
height // int (size in pixels)
theme // string: ("light" or "dark" or "white")
pub-name // string (max length: 16 chars)
pub-id // string (use your pub id; example: ca-pub-1234567890)

For More information you can join the Google Contributor Official forum.

Contributor House Ads

You can also place house ads on your site that Contributor to your visitors. Sample of Contributor house ads.

Blogs or Annoucements

There is also an another way to introduce your readers to contributor through you Blog Post or web alerts. There are also some facts that may attract your readers to contributor.

  •  Contributor works on lots of sites; when users sign up, they’ll get the Contributor experience on your site and all other compatible sites.
  • Contributor only works on Google ads, and is subject to the same auction mechanics as any other advertiser. So we don’t guarantee users a 100% ad-free experience, even on sites that only run Google ads.

Ok that’s all about Google new Contributor revenue generation method. More pros and cons about Google Contributor Will update here Please keep i touch With us.

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