Hello Geeks, After a long period of time here we are going to talk about some windows 10 features which is recently launched by Microsoft. As we can see there are new Windows 1o features are launched every day. So, Here we can see there is a new Features pop-up in the storage section from where  you can enable the automatic windows 10 clean up process.

As you can see there are some number of features are available in the Storage section. From there you can able to manage the disk space and some other settings also. This new feature will help you to manage disk space and it will periodically delete all the unnecessary files from your temp folder which are not being used by an software or files and it will also cleanup your Recycle bin that are more than 30 days old.

This new Disk Free up process will behave like Disk Cleanup but won’t free up as much disk cleanup does, but it will help you to free up your disk space a bit. so you can use it like a lite version of Disk Clean up.

To enable this features you can simply go to the “System” settings option and then “storage” tab on the left side and then scroll down o “storage sense” option. Make sure that you have enable this option to Apply the new settings.windows free space

You can change the disk cleanup process the following the option “Change how we free up space link”.

windows 10 free up disk space

As i had told you in the above that it will function like Disk cleanup software but you will not get lot of options here. There is only two option available to enable let the options to On and click the “Clean Now” button to run the clean up process automatically. windows clean up process

I hope this features will help you to clean up your disk space a little bit. If your apps create a lots of junk files then this features will help you to clear your large temporary files.