Easy Way to Add Godaddy Custom Domain in to Blogger Blog

Hello Bloggers First of All Welcome to all of you in to the Blogging Industry. Blogging is the one of the best platform to express your power and potential. Every year lots of Blogger come to this industry and live life like a king. Ok, Guys lets come to the Topic Here m going to discuss the best easy method to Setup your Custom domain in to blogger Blog. In this Way you can Add your Godaddy Custom domain in to Blogspot. Here i going to cover step by step guide to add your domain in to the Blogger. I hope after following my guide you don’t have to search On Google about this Topic.

Why Custom domain Name? yah it’s a good question blogger and still free so why people jump to the custom domain name. There is lot of reasons behind this. You  are doing blogging for Fun right? Ok. let me tell you how and why people choose custom domain name. Buying a custom Domain for your Blog is a great idea. Having a custom domain name for your blog it’s sounds like a Brand it may be your Personal blog or Your Organisation. Custom domain name has a lot of benefit in multiple reasons Search engine Ranking, Quality traffic, Google Adsense Approval, brand building and much more. So, stop thinking about Your $ buy a domain from any trusted domain provider. My Blog is registered on i bought this domain at 1.20USD so its not a big deal. Just grab a domain form Godaddy here is the Link to Godaddy Website.

How to Buy a Domain From Godaddy? You can Buy your first Godaddy Domain by using Your Credit card or Paypal. Indian user can also use their Debit Card(ATM CARD) to purchase a domain, Godaddy accept all kind of the Debit Card from India.  So, now get ready to setup Your Custom domain name in to Blogger blog.

How to Setup Godaddy Custom Domain in to Blogger

Before adding your new custom domain in to blogger read this tuturial set by step’

  1. First signed in to with your google account. Then follow this basic guide step by step. Settings>Basic>Add a custom Domain. Add Your new Custom domain in this blank Section. Don’t forget to put www. before your domain name. After that click on save then a new error will come up like “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 5” Bla bla. After  this line a new command line will appear like this.Blogger CNAMEYou have to copy those code to add on your godaddy domain dashboard, have a look in this image.
  2. Now login in to your godaddy account and click on Domain>Manage. Then you can see your Domain Dashboard like This Godaddy DNS ZONE fileNext you have to lick on Add New Record. and again go to Blogger Section where you face the Error section with some command which is known as CNAME(Alias) and copy that code and paste it to the Godaddy DNS ZONE Section like this. Add New Record>CName>paste the CName Code. In the host section put WWW and in the Point section put Also Follow the same method for the second CName Codeline. Ok now you successfully add Your CName in to Godaddy.
  3. Now Again Go to your Godaddy Account Manage>Add New Record>Select A(host) and add the following 4 IP address in to this section. This 4 IP address is provided by Google server so you don’t have to worry about that. Put @ in the host section and in the Points to section put the IP Address ( Follow the same method for all the IPS.Godaddy Custom domain add

The 4 IP address as follows

After that click on DNS Zone File and Save your settings. now you almost done.

4. Again go to the blogger Tab and click on Save button, Now blogger will add your new domain.

So, Now you can access your new Domain name on Blogger. For Better understanding here i add a Video to Add Godaddy Custom Domain in to Blogger Blog. Hope this video will clear all  your doubts.

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