Transfer Big Files between two Mobile phones takes lot of time. Normally every android device comes with in-built Bluetooth features. So, you can send files to another device via Bluetooth. But the problem is Bluetooth is very slow so we can’t Transfer Big Files between two phones easily. So today in this article we are going… (0 comment)

There is a cool way to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone. Here is this article we are going to discuss about How to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12. Recently Apple has announced two iPhone in India, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 comes with Big screen size along… (0 comment)

Track Lost Mobile Phone in India not so easy. If your phone has been stolen from you or you lost your phone some where then what to do next? Fist of all you need to file a FIR that your Mobile phone is lost With your Phone number and IMEI. If you have sign-in your… (0 comment)

Now a days 3D Modelling software has greatly changed the World of Designing. Today’s engineer, Architect, Designer and lots of people use 3D Modelling software to make their work easy. Basically 3D means 3 dimensional that are created on three angles like X,Y and Z. So, you can see 3D modelling graphics, design, animation at any where… (0 comment)

Adding Meta Tags to Blogger Blog can easily increase your Traffic. Meta Tags helps you to improve your Blog Rankings, SEO and traffic. So, What is meta tag? meta tag is simple HTML line that describe the content of your Webpage. Your Blog Meta Tag information is indexed by Search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo to… (0 comment)

We are the Geeks and we are the Programmers so we know how to write code. Programming and other development task requires Best Text Editors to make your Programming skill better and faster. So, first of all to become a good programmer or a coder you need a Good machine with some programming Tools. Basically programming… (0 comment)

Google map recently release a Offline Map version for Indian user to make travel Better. Few months ago YouTube offline map was released by Google and Now they are releasing Google Offline map as well. Google Offline map was released few months back but not for the Indian user but their recent updates confirmed that… (0 comment)

Yoast SEO Plugin, which is one of the most powerful plugin for WordPress SEO. After Upgrading my plugin to Yoast SEO 3.0.1 i really feeling blessed coz this new update include lot of features for free. So. this plugin working pretty well for me and its new version is pretty cool. Few hours ago i upgrade my… (0 comment)