After upgrading my PC to windows 10 my Wi-Fi hotspot stop working. So, in this article we are going to share about how to create Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10. Most of us have Broadband internet connection or dongle connection so they need to create a wi-fi hotspot to connect their other devices. i have been using 3G dongle from years back and still using my PC to share wi-fi hotspot, if you want the same then you can create a wi-fi hotspot in your windows 10 machine. So, i hope this article will help you to create Wi-Fi hotspot in windows 10 PC through Command prompt.

Create Wi-Fi hotspot in windows 10 thorugh command prompt

Windows 10 don’t have direct  option to create wi-fi hotspot. So, you need to create wi-fi hotspot by using command prompt. Here is the guide to create Wi-Fi hotspot for windows 10 PC.

First of all you need a Internet connection along with wireless data card installed to enable Wi-Fi hotspot. You can able to see a Wi-Fi button option in your windows notification center and let it ON to start the Wi-Fi hostpot. hotspot in windows 10

Next Open CMD or Command Prompt with administrator access.

  • Open Command Prompt: 

To open command prompt press Windows Key + R and type CMD in the dialogue box and hit enter, Now open command prompt with Administrator access. Or you can open it by pressing windows key + X and select Command Prompt with admin and run it.

Now write the following command and hit enter to get started.

If you want then you can change the Wi-Fi hotspot name and the password. In the Above command line you need to put your own Hotspot name password instead of Wi-Fi and yourpassword. Hit enter to create the Wi-Fi network, you can able to see a success message if your Wi-Fi network is created successfully.

  • Start Wi-Fi hotspot: 

Now you all set to start your Wi-Fi hostpot, to do this type the following command and hit enter.

Hence your Wi-Fi hotspot is created successfully now you need to share the internet connection through your hotspot network. Please follow the below steps to do that.

Now you  need to share the internet connection with your newly created Wi-Fi hostpot. Now go the control panel and open Network and Internet and open Network Connection. Here i am using BSNL as of my default internet connection. Now right click on that default internet connection and go to the properties.


Now you will able to see multiple tab in the window, just go for the sharing tab and check the Option that says  “Allows other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.” Now click OK to save and close the window.

Now your newly created Wi-Fi hostpot is ready to use.