Chrome VS Chromium Which is Best for Your OS

Now a days chrome browser is the one of the most used browser on the world wide Basis, But in this article we are going to talk about which is the best web browser for Your OS. Chrome is officially launched by Google and its has all the features of Chromium such as automatic update, flash player and built-in PDF viewer.

There are some Basic difference between chrome and chromium, for example chrome is based on an open -source platform and its works perfectly with Mac, windows, Linux and Android. Google chrome received all the updates automatically. But chromium doesn’t released its binaries so every time users need to download its binaries from other sources or from third parties. In Terms of privacy Google chrome is better then chromium as we know Google chrome includes some trackers and its send the user data to Google to improve its security and Privacy.

Basic Difference Between Chrome and Chromium

Here is the some of the Basic Difference Between Chrome and Chromium web browser.

  • Google chrome received automatic updates and chromium doesn’t.
  • Chrome has in-built flash player and PDF viewer and Chromium doesn’t.
  • Google chrome has integrated AAC, H.264, and MP3 codes but chromium doesn’t.

For Ubuntu Chrome or Chromium

Ubuntu user can download chromium directly from Linux Distribution’s software repositories. For example you can installed chromium by opening the Ubuntu software Center you can installed it  by searching for chromium and then install it. For the linux user it will be updated with security updates from the Linux distribution center.

For Windows and MAC user chromium is available on its official website at, so you can download the setup file from the website for free but you will not received the automatic update features. So, you need download its binaries from the other third party sources.

So, Linux user can choose chromium as their default bowser. As, it allows Linux distributions that require open-source software to package up a web browser that’s almost identical to Chrome and ship it to their users.

Binaries Available for Chrome and Chromium

Google chrome has received its binary update for all the major platforms like windows, MAC and Linux, so once you install the software its will received  the updates regularly.

But for the chromium The official website provides the source code, as well as instructions on how to compile it and build the application from the source.





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