How to install WordPress on Digital Ocean an ultimate Guide

WordPress is the one of the most Popular software around the Globe. Probably there are more than 10 million of WordPress website are running and the number of users is still growing. So, if you’r thinking about to running a Blog or a Website then WordPress is the Best Solution for you. You can easily install it in Your server without any kind of coding knowledge. In this article we are going to talk about How to install WordPress in Digital ocean VPS easily. By using this method you no need mess up with codes and command line. So, please have a look and follow the instruction step by step.

An ultimate Guide to install WordPress on Digital Ocean hosting

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Ok, Let’s see How TO install WordPress in Digital Ocean server. First of all i am writing this for newbies only so. if you want to go through this process then you can skip few steps. There

Install WordPress in Digital Ocean Step by Step method to follow

As i had told you that if you want to use this method then you no need to mess up with command lines. So, Read the below steps very carefully.

 Add your domain name in to Digital Ocean. To setup domain name with Digital Ocean you need to follow this steps. The procedure is very simple and easy so you can do this easily..

First of all You need a Droplet to add your domain so Let’s create a droplet, it will roughly takes a minute to create a droplet. Once you logging in to your account you can see the option in the corner to create a new droplet. Click on that icon and proceed. add domain in to digital ocean

Then, you have to select your OS First. Here, i will recommend you to use Ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04 as of now 16.04 is the latest version to use. Next Choose you droplet size which is starts from $5. Then choose a data center location. If you are from India then you can select Bangalore as your server location. If you want then you can also select the others additional option for your droplet. Add your SSH Key if you want to use Putty. We will discuss later about How to use Putty for Digital Ocean. Now you can click on the Create Droplet option to setup your first droplet. create droplet in digital ocean

Ok, Here i created a demo droplet for You. Now you are all set to Go,

Ok, Let’s see How to add Domain name in to your Digital Ocean Droplet.

Here, i am using Godaddy as my Domain service provider for the other domain service company the procedure is pretty same and easy.

Now you can click on the More option to add you domain name. Now put your domain name and Click on the Create Record Option. Here is the image that you can follow..add domain in to digital ocean

After adding your Domain name again follow to the more button and Add CNAME for your Domain name. Don’t forget to put (.) after your Domain name Name to create new CNAME. From there you can copy the Name Server to add in to your Domain.add c name in digital ocean

Once you successfully add a New CNAME then you will able to see a New updated Zone file below this section. Welcome, Now you have successfully add your Domain name in to digital Ocean droplet.

Now, Copy the 3 Name Servers and add it in to your domain Name Server Option. Here i am using godaddy it may be little different as per your domain name service provider. godaddy name server for digital ocean

Now Your Domain Name is ready to go live. Now you have to install WordPress in your Digital Ocean Droplet.

How To Install WordPress in Digital Ocean Droplet

Step 1: Now, again move back to droplet and then go to the Access Console, then Reset Your Root Password. By following steps Droplet>More>Access Console. You will get the Password by your Registered Gmail address. droplet pass

Step 2: After that Click on the Launch Console, then you will see a new pop up window comes up and it will ask you to log in. Put root as your user name and the Password which you are getting through your mail and proceed. Then, it will again ask you to create a new Password, Choose a new password and you Boom.

Step 3: Now you can install WordPress in Your Digital ocean Droplet. To, install WordPress i will recommend You to use Easy Engine by following this three command line.

Process one: After the above process you need to put this command line in your console and hit enter it will automatically update your server.apt update
apt-get update

Process two: Install Easy Engine by following this command line
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

it will ask you to put your name and email address to install Easy Engine in Your Server.

Process Three: To install WordPress in your Domain name follow this command line. Here i am adding an example for you. install wordpress in digital ocean
sudo ee site create --wp

Put your Domain name instead of and you done. Now, you can see your user id and Password, copy and save it for further usage.

To Open Phpmyadmin in your Web browser you need to put /phpmyadmin after your domain name. i.e, or

I Hope this is the easiest method to install WordPress on Digital Ocean. If you are still in doubt to use Easy Engine then i want to say that Easy Engine is the Best tool to use as it is Recommend by WordPress itself and they are the VIP partners of WordPress. So, you know need to Worry about it as it install Nginx server, maria DB, mem cache, swap file and more. If you want to read more about Easy Engine then you can follow their website

This is first article that i am writing with 1000 words, i hope this will help you to install WordPress on Digital ocean. If, you have still any doubt then feel free to ask in our comment section below.