Capturing your Desktop screen is very easy. You can easily Capture your Desktop Screen through screen recording software. For that you need to download a software program and again start recording so its sounds like very lengthy process. As i had mentioned earlier there are lots of ways and tools to Screen Recording but in this… (0 comment)

These days lots of programmers used to learn Ruby and Rails Programming language coz its very easy to learn and understand. In our earlier tutorial we are mentioned about How To Install Ruby on Windows 10 Machine after that few of us getting error in starting the Ruby Rails Server. So that’s why we are decided… (0 comment)

Now a days More than 14 Million user use Windows 10. Most of them are happy with this new Windows 10 and some user facing issue in Printer installation. Most of the user facing issue with the printer after upgrading to windows 10. Some user report that Windows 10 is unable to detect their printers and… (0 comment)

URL shortener service is the one of the most cool way to reduce your blog permalink structure. By using this service you can make your Blog post URl very short and cool in this way URL shortening service reduce you long URL to tiny forms. Suppose you have a blog post and you want to… (0 comment)