How To apply for Paytm Rupay Debit Card

Paytm which is the best Mobile Payment service in India till date. Recently the Company CEO vijay shekhar sharma has update a status about the New Paytm Rupay Debit Card. Its sound interesting right. Here i shared the First Copy of Paytm Debit card, that was shared by Company CEO. This will be a great addon to Paytm Payments Bank — India’s first bank with zero charges on online transactions, with no minimum balance requirement and free debit card. Here is the first look of Paytm card.

paytm rupay card

As per the sources report:

The new Paytm debit card customers will be now able to transact at all merchants who accept payments via debit and credit cards. Users who have opened their account with the payment bank will be issued the digital debit card. Further, the card comes with a free insurance cover up to Rs 2 lakh in the case of death or permanent total disability.

How To apply for Paytm Rupay Debit Card

If you are already a Paytm KYC verified  Customer then you get the Paytm Debit Card within a minute. Here i am going to mentioned all the required process in step by step. Here is the Guide to open Paytm Savings Account for free.

  1. Download the Latest version of Paytm app from the Google Play Store and Open it. In the new Paytm app you will be able to see a new Savings Bank Account icon. paytm Bank account
  2. After Accepting their terms and conditions Paytm will ask you to enter the 4 digits passcode. Just remember the pass code this will be your Paytm Card Passcode. You have to enter the passcode twice. paytm Passcode
  3. In the next step you need add a nominee & fill in all the necessary details like address and your relation with the nominee to add paytm NOminee
  4. If you are already a Paytm KYC customer then you will get the card within a minute and they will send you a verification SMS to you registered mobile No. paytm card sms
  5. For Non KYC customer user has to submit all the necessary details to get the verification process done. After that Paytm representative will contact you to fix an appointment to complete document verification. Once you have successfully complete the verification process then your savings account will be opened.

After all getting a Paytm Debit card is. I hope this article will help you to understand the process of getting a Paytm Card. For more information visit to the Paytm Banks Blog.

WhatsApp DP: Best Quality WhatsApp Profile Picture Collection for the Geeks

Hello Geeks.. These days young stars are very talented in solving Tech related problems like Whatsapp messenger problem, whatsapp PC error etc. They also keep changing their profile picture to some cool, funny and amazing images. As we all know, All the Geeks are very busy by their own and they are always keeps connection with their WhatsApp friends by sharing some great thoughts, love and care Whatsapp DP. Geeks are very good to express their feelings through pictures. Sometime you may notice some good quality picture or quotes images in Whatsapp then you can imagine the real picture of the Geek.

WhatsApp DP, in early days of facebook people use the term Profile picture but later Whatsapp user started calling it DP. The term Whatsapp DP comes from Whatsapp Display Picture. If you want to be an annon then you can use our latest Geeky Whatsapp DP while other used their own picture. Here you can find out different types of WhatsApp DP and Profile pictures such as love, funny, romantic, love, sad, attitude, awesome, hilarious, humor, smile and many more. Your whatsapp picture is enough for other to understand you so try to use a good quality DP for your Whatsapp account.

Here is the more than 100+ Whatsapp profile picture collection for you. You can download the best quality DP and choose the best one as your WhatsApp profile Pic.

1.  WhatsApp DP: Keep Clam Funny profile Picture

1Whatsapp DP keep claim

2profile pic keep claim

3WhatsApp pic englishand Hindi

4DP WhatsApp5Whatsapp dp funny quotes

2. WhatsApp profile pic Geeky

6Geeky DP7dp78Geeky Love9Love for geek10Geeky girls

3. Dekh Bhai Funny WhatsApp Picture

11Dekh Behn WhatsApp funny Images12WhatsApp dekh bhai troll13Dekh bhai funny images14dekh bhai girls trolls 15whatsapp DP dekh bhai

4. Romantic Couple images and quotes for WhatsApp

16i love you whatsApp pic17whatsapp love story18whatsapp dp for GF19dp1920Whatsapp dp for couples

5. Minions funny Whatsapp images

21Minions funny whatsapp images22Whatspp funny images for whatsapp23minions girls trolls24Whatspp DP funny babies25minions girls trolls

6. Cute Babies images for whatsapp

26Exam Time Funny whatsapp images

27Exam Time Funny whatsapp pic28Exam Funny whatsapp profile pic29Exam Funny whatsapp profile pic30whats app killer funny dp

7. Cute Babies images for whatsapp and facebook

31cute babies images for whatsapp32cute babies pictures33cute baby picture34baby images for whatsapp and facebook35Facebook cute images

8. Funny images for Whatsapp and facebook

36most funny images for whatsapp37babies trolls for girls38babies images39babies with wine image40babies fight

9. New Year Images for whatsapp and facebook

41 New year imagesnew year wallpaper for whatsapp42New year Dp for whatsapp43new year images for share44new year cover pic45New year profile pic

In our next article we are going to talk about how to  use whatsapp DP without croping.

Top 15 Audio Editing Software for Windows

Audio Editing software are most amazing and necessary for every music lover, when you want to create ringtone for your phone from one of your favorite song or video or films you will need a audio editing software. In today’s market there are a lot of audio editing software available, some are paid and some are available in the internet for free. In this article I;m going to introduce you guys with 15 best and cool Audio Editing software for your Windows PC and I’m sure that you will love them.

15 Best Audio Editing Software for Windows

1. WavePad

WavePad best audio editing softwares

WavePad is well known in Audio Editing world, people love this because of its easy to use functions. You can use WavePad for creating music fusion by blending different tracks and you can also record audios and all. The best thing of this software is that it supports all of the popular audio format such as MP3, WAV, VOX, GSM, WMA, OGG, AAC, and etc etc. WavePad is free to use, also there is a premium version of the software available which costs $39.95 and it runs smoothly on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7; Mac OS X 10.4.

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2. Audacity

Audacity best audio editing softwares

If you are looking for a total free audio editing software than let me tell you that Audacity is a completely free audio editor and the software is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 ,10, XP and also Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.10 and Linux. Audacity has a easy to use layout and it supports popular audio format WAV and MP3 for the rest you need to download an separate encoder.

3.  FL Studio

FL-Studio best audio editing softwares

FL Studio is the another best audio editing software available for your windows PC as well as Mac and there are also mini application available for smartphones operating system like Android and iOS. There are 3 edition of the software available to download and the basic version of the application starts from $99. With the help of FL studio you can cut audio, create music and do a lot of thing like a professional music maker.

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4. Ardour

best audio editing softwares

This is another cool audio editing software and you can enjoy the full features of the software just paying $1. The software has a very smooth and easy to use interface which gives a look of professional. There are lots of professional plugins available with in the software which helps with editing audio in many ways.

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5. Wavosaur

wavosaur best audio editing softwares

Wavosaur is another completely free audio editing software which is compatible with windows PC. Using thing application you can cut audio, mix audio. record them save them and share with your friends world wide.

6. Adobe Audition

Adobe-Audition-1 best audio editing softwares

Adobe Audition is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud and you can try the application on your Windows PC or Mac for 30 days without paying a single penny, once the trial period expires you have to pay $29.99 per month. The software offers awesome capability of multi-track editing as well as non destructive and mixing environment for you to work.

7. Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

Sound-Forge-Audio-Studio-10 best audio editing softwares

This software is releases by Sony and it works fine on Windows PC and Mac OC X. Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 is available to download from its official website just of $59.95 one time payment. The software has a lot of professional tools and plugins pre-installed, that mean you don’t need to download any of them as an extra package.

8. Steinberg Cubase


This software is commonly known as Cubase whichs pro version costs 99.99 Euros and it is compatible with windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10. Cubase has an very professional looking layout or interface which is not very tough to use and learn. The software is  fully packed with lots of premium tools and plugins which helps with editing audios in many ways.



Like all other mentioned audio editing software this is also an amazing sound editing software which is available to use for completely free of cost. The application has some cool features like cut, copy, paste for quick edit. LMMS is compatible with most of the Windows running PC and also on Mac.

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10. PreSonus Studio One


PreSonus Studio One is packed with lots of professional tools and perfect one for you if you want to edit audio like a pro. The application is available to download for free but the free version of the software has limited features and the full version of the application, Artist version id available to download just for $85 and it supports on Windows PC and Mac.

11. Wavosaur


If you are looking for a real lite audio editing software then this is the perfect software for you where you can cut, copy and paste. You can also record audios and save them within a second.

12. Music Editor


There are two variants of the software available in the web, one is free version where you can only cut audios and save then, if you can’t live with that only you can also purchase the full version of the software where you will get lots of editing tools to edit audio like the way you want to edit.

13. AVS Audio Editor


This is the another awesome audio editing software and you can download one copy of the software just for $58.92. The software includes lots of tools and it has a very cool layout and interface which gives a pure professional look to the software. With the help of this software you can apply audio effect and do lots of things.

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14. GoldWave Digital Audio Editor


This software costs $49.00, and when we talk about the specifications of the software, it includes recording times, voice activated recording, variable speed playback, non-destructive sound editing, filter and special effect, CD reader and many more.

15. Wavelab Audio Editing Software

audioThis is another cool audio editor available in the market which costs $99.99 to $149.99. In the features of the software includes studio-grade Brick wall Limiter and Tube Compressor to improve the quality of your recordings, Enhanced editing workflow with volume clip handles and auto-replay option, Transport panel for fast and easy navigation through the project, Plug-in management and organization for simplified overview on all plug-ins used within the project and many more.

If you are using any of them mentioned above be sure to share your experience with us.

Ulefone Be Touch 3 is now $99.99

As Black Friday promotions anticipated to ( and prolonged beyond ) Traditional Friday, Cyber ​​Monday promotions also stretch after Monday, as is the case this Ulefone Be Touch 3 to 99.99 dollars.

Ulefone Be Touch 3


The Ulefone Be Touch 3 is a 5.5 smartphone “Full HD , with MT6753 CPU , 3GB of RAM , 16GB flash, camera 13MP and 5MP , Android 5.1, fingerprint sensor , dual SIM , and with a design that is pleasing that all who love the iPhone 6 / 6S . Traditionally , it is a smartphone that could find on sale for about 149.99 dollars in online shops, but this promotion Ever Buying will buy a further reduced price.

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At least this time the chances are better than those flash sales with only one unit available . In this case , the EveryBuying will provide 20 units at a reduced price of $ 99.99 ; to be followed by 98 units at a price of $ 139.99 . Who want to enable to get the lower price will have to share the promotion page on Facebook – with winners randomly selected to receive a coupon to be able to buy the Touch 3 Be at that price .

Moreover, the design of the Ulefone Be Touch 3 aims to balance the metal frame with the polycarbonate and glass materials, in order to provide a thin, lightweight body that’s easy to use. The chamfered edges of the phone are a bit slippery to the touch, but the texture on the back of the phone is grippy enough to prevent accidental slips. The round fingerprint sensor between the capacitative keys on the front adds function and beauty at the same time, giving the Ulefone Be Touch 3 a refined, premium appearance that goes well with the industrial design theme that encompasses the details of the chassis.

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A 13 MP Sony IMX214 camera is on the rear, with a f1.8 aperture, LED flash, autofocus and support for 1080p video recording. The front camera measures 5 MP and comes with its own dim LED flash up front, adding to the appeal of the Ulefone Be Touch 3, especially for social media junkies who like their selfies well-lit.

ulefone-be-touch-3-mobile specification

Under the hood, the handset also features a 2550 mAh battery equipped with fast charging technology, so you won’t have to wait the whole night to get a full charge. With all that, the Ulefone Be Touch 3 sounds like an excellent upgrade as a daily driver, but the low price that Everbuying is selling it for also makes it ideal to buy as a gift. Which option will you be choosing?

There will be no economical way to be able to have an iPhone 6 Be Touch 3 for this Christmas

Facebook debuts in paid stickers for Messenger from PicoCandy

Already too have criticized Facebook for is being increasingly scrounger, and it seems that his appetite for dollars it will now also apply to users with the provision of stickers packs paid to the FB Messenger.


This entry in the business of stickers sale is made ​​timid , as it is not done directly by Facebook but by one of its partners, PicoCandy . Worse even is that offer paid stickers to adorn the messages of those who want them, but the horrible way to implementation, which requires users of Facebook Messenger to have an additional app from PicoCandy (apart from the Messenger) , the which have to resort not only to buy and manage their stickers but also whenever they want to use them.

It’s something that in the future will surely be integrated into Messenger , but for now makes the whole process is too laborious and time consuming to whom you want to use.

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That said, do not criticize this way of making money. People often forget that Facebook , like many others, is a company , and that its purpose is to make money-a concept that sometimes seems to escape whom use their free services .

Using Facebook is free, but do not forget that someone has to pay for the data centers and huge costs that have (and as they say , when a service is free , it is because we are the product.


To me it does not shock me that these services seek to make money at the expense of options and aesthetic elements like this stickers for sale (a service that may seem ridiculous to some, but that has yielded more than 10 million per month Line two years ago , with far fewer users than Facebook does).

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It is always preferable to limit the functionality between modalities free /paid ( for example, sending pictures via Messenger was only available for those who had paid to unlock this feature.) But. even agreeing and finding joke to this system , does not mean you go spending a cent that is it.

Best Online P2P File Sharing Sites for Free to Send the Large Files

Probably sometimes your are facing error when you Send the large file over the Internet. If you are looking for the Best Online File sharing Website then here it is. Here we are going to Talk about Best P2P File sharing Website Which are Very fast and Reliable to send large files over the Internet. These are the Best Website to Send the Large File without a penny. There are lots of Online File sharing sites Available for Free but these are the Best that i found after a long research. You can pick any website from below and Share your Large for your friends Easily.

How to Send Large Files instantly over the internet

Here are going to talk about only Peer-to-peer(P2P) file sharing service. Where you send the Files to another PC for Instant Download. So, this service are totally browser base, no third parties software or Installation needed, no waiting for uploading and downloading just Drag and Drop the Files to the Browser and Download it. So, Please have a look in the Following File Sharing Sites.

Files Over Miles

File Sharing SitesFiles Over Miles is the one of the Best P2P file sharing website that i use regularly to send my Files instantly. Basically Files over Miles shares file between two browser, Just select your file and send the link to another person he Will download the File instantly. Like any other service Files Over miles is also very simple and free to use. There is no secret behind this service just upload the file to Files Over Miles server and the site automatically create a new link to download your File. Copy the link and send it to the another Computer that’s it. The another person can download the file until you closed the browser. So, this Websites is very easy to send files and hope this is the best File Sharing Site. By using this Website you can send big files to another computer.


There is also an another Great site to File Transfer is WeTransfer. Which allow user to Send Big Files easily. This File sharing service is available in two categories, WeTransfer Free and WeTransfer Premium Where you can Send Files up to 2GB. In this Site you can Upload your files for 7 days.


Infinit is an another Great P2P file sharing tool that’s allow user to send Large Files to any other PC. Just Simply Drag a file and Drop it, and File Transfer Process Will begin automatically once the user accept the incoming File.





F-Secure makes SENSE of smart home IoT insecurities

Safety is something that is acquiring increasing importance in this world where, increasingly , we become surrounded by devices connected to the Internet ; and F -Secure wants to be at the forefront to provide adequate security solutions. One solution is embodied with its F-Secure Sense.
F-Secure is looking to go that extra mile in consumer security with the launch of an anti-hacker appliance for the Internet of Things.


The device, dubbed SENSE, works as a secure gateway, policing traffic to devices that might be insecure and generating alerts. For example, it will warn consumers if their router is running with default settings, and therefore with a more easily hackable password.

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Credential-spewing iKettles, insecure hubs and potentially snoopy smart TVs are characteristic of the generally lamentable state of IoT security.
The F -Secure Sense is a WiFi router that will take complete control of Internet access in our homes , but whose capabilities go beyond what normal routers allow . The difference is in their software, continually updated by F-Secure , which gives you the ability to intelligently analyze the traffic in order to detect potential threats.
While many routers already allow block malicious content , this Sense expands this protection to all intelligent devices that can have at home, and also allows you to protect the links of our smartphone even when we are away from home (imagine that through something like a VPN personal , redirected traffic to our home connection, so that pass by Sense).


F-Secure is well known for its mobile security software, where it has successfully used operators to sell on its security suites. The Finnish firm plans to use the same network of 200 operators, alongside other channels including its own website, to sell SENSE. The kit is due to ship in Spring 2016.

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The technology, which is designed for ease of set-up and use, is designed to protect smart homes, and combines unique hardware and software to offer a single source of protection for all of the devices in homes – including PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well as newer IoT products.
The product uses F-Secure’s Security Cloud to secure internet traffic going in and out of homes, and lets people manage the security of their network and devices with a simple mobile app.

VPN technology will not feature is the first version of the kit but is on the product development roadmap.

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In response to a moribund consumer security software market, F-Secure is moving on from selling consumers downloads to protect computers and smartphones individually to selling a unified home security appliance, with recurring revenues through subscription to software update services.


The hardware and software, as well as a 12-month subscription to the service, is priced at EUR99. Monthly subscriptions can be renewed for 8EUR per month.

The tech was launched during a keynote at the Slush startup conference in Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday.

The differences between LCDs and OLEDs

There is still much confusion about the different technologies used in the current screen, but is not so hard to understand the differences between LCD and OLED screens – as explained in Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate.

DP7-Display LED and LCD

LCDs greatly evolved over the past decades. Some still remember the old portable LCDs screens that move the mouse did disappear the mouse pointer due to the slow reaction of the pixels, which means that if they had to create “effects” such as trails mouse who were leaving behind a trail on the screen for easier location of the mouse. But even with all the advances that have brought us the IPS LCD panels and resolutions 4K (even smartphones), will be only a matter of time before these screens are made ​​obsolete by the OLED. It is the technology of OLED is much simpler and potential for improvement than LCDs.

In OLEDs, basically we have each pixel (or rather, the sub-pixel RGB) to emit their own light – that a panel measuring just tenths of a millimeter thick; in LCDs, we need a light source, multiple layers of filters, diffusers, polarizers and reflectors. The complexity is not only bigger, as it has no chance of competing with the incredible contrasts that OLED can get (a pixel black is completely shut down, while a LCD have a pixel that is simply trying to cover the light that is always tied behind him.) After we still have other advantages such as the pixel response time, viewing angle, color reproduction at different levels of intensity, etc. etc. Anyway … come from there 4K OLED screens 60 “at decent prices, which we will be here waiting for them.

20 Best Free VPN Services that can change your Privacy

We all people who always surf the Internet, we generally used to think about our personal safety and security. So we always try to hide our personal things and personal data when connected to an unsecured public hotspot, or to click on a suspicious-looking link.

For some people, they prefer to use VPN or a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a technology that adds an extra layer of security while you browse the Internet. It creates safe tunnels that won’t be accessible by anyone but you. It also helps you cross boundaries or restrictions imposed by authorities (your employer, ISP or government), allowing you to access content from anywhere in the world.

 So Today we have listed some of the best free VPN services that will allow you to browse the Internet with less worry on your mind.


psiphon the best VPN serviceNow I am writing Psiphon at first because I have used it for 5 years and it can crack any network system until and unless the provider caught you. Psiphon lets you go beyond borders. It gets you past the borders of your campus, corporation or country, and lets you safely access censored knowledge and ideas in freedom-restricted countries. It’s a circumvention and online security tool that uses VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technologies for a complete, open and unrestricted access to the Internet.

Platforms supported: Windows, Android

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield protects your online privacy, and lets you bypass Internet censorship and access any website or service. It secures your Internet sessions using HTTPS encryption and protects your personal information from hackers. Its malware protection and compression technologies can protect you from malicious websites and reduce the mobile data usage on your mobile devices.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

1-hotspot-shield VPN


Spotflux is the world’s most advanced VPN that works on all devices. It protects and enhances your Internet connection, and lets you use the web with total peace of mind. It performs millions of cloud-based real-time calculations, encrypts and compressesyour mobile web traffic – thus reducing your mobile data costs and allowing you to browse the web securely, even on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android.

spotflux VPN


Betternet provides an Internet with peace of mind – a web without hackers and blocked websites. It’s a totally free service that lets you access any website from any country. It allows you to surf the web anonymously without leaving a trace and protects your data from malicious attacks and interested parties such as hackers and government agencies.

Platforms supported: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows

betternet VPN

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is one the most trusted secure VPN service online. It’s easy to install and provides you a safe and unrestricted browsing experience. It can unblock any content on the Internet for you even if you live in the most restricted part of the world. It offers top-notch security and anonymity without compromising your online privacy or slowing down your connection.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android

cyberghost VPN


TunnelBear provides simple, private and free access to the global, unrestricted Internet. It offers 500 MB of free data usage per month that is enough for light browsing requirements. It lets you browse the web privately and experience the Internet without censorship and having to skip blocked websites. It can even block creepy trackers like ads, analytics, scripts, etc that tracks your moves on the Web.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

tunnelbear VPN


SurfEasy VPN unblocks the Internet and secures your web connection. It lets you surf safely on any network with any device at any location, and allows you to enjoy anywebsite without restrictions or censorship from any governing bodies. It offers you identity and privacy protection so that you leave no online marks, and even protects your web activities on public Wi-Fi hotspots and unsecured networks.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

surfeasy VPN makes you truly anonymous on the web by hiding your identity or location on the Internet. It encrypts your activities to protect you further from hackers and other malicious activists. It circumvents censorship and opens all locks on the Web so that you can browse websites without restrictions. You can also watch global TV from anywhere in the world at the fastest possible speeds.

Platforms supported: Windows, Android

hide-me VPN


FinchVPN is a feature packed and extremely reliable free VPN service. It offers an easy to use control panel and lots of VPN servers at different locations in the world. It save no logs and claims to encrypt everything – your activities, your sessions and your web connections.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android

finchvpn VPN service


ZenMate encrypts and secures your Internet connection to protect your internet privacy while browsing. It leaves no chance of compromising your data via tactics such as tracking, wiretapping, etc. by snooping bodies and malicious criminals. You can browse the web anonymously without leaving any traces and browsing any content of your wish, any website from anywhere in the world.

Platforms supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, Android



proXPN protects your online freedom and privacy. It secures your Internet connection from being a victim of eavesdropping, and masks your identity and location from hacks and other malicious attacks. It relieves you from censorship from your college, corporation or government, and lets you access the Internet as is, with every website and content open to your fingertips.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS



ZPN is a reliable and fast VPN service for everyone that encrypts your Internet connection for safe transactions and online activities. It offers free usage of 10 GB per month and claims to create no traffic logs, and act as a virtual firewall, making you completely anonymous on the Internet. You can confidently connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots securely without the fear of hackers and trackers.

Platforms supported: Windows, iOS, Android

zpn VPn service


SecurityKISS secures your Internet connection with its tunnels. It protects your privacy, ensures anonymity and bypass Internet restrictions posed by your ISP or country. It offers free usage of 300 MB per day which is sufficient for moderate Internet usage. It claims to offer high anonymity by logging only the minimum required information, and guarantees high speed by using data compression technology.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android

securitykiss VPN

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN offers anonymity and data encryption for your Internet sessions and activities. It offers free usage with connection and traffic restrictions, but is suitable for moderate usage such as browsing and light downloading. It tunnels your Internet traffic through various server locations in around 20 countries, thus making it hard for anyone to guess your true information.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android



ZenVPN offers a secure and uncensored Internet – a fast and affordable yet secure access to the web. It protects your identity and hides your web activities from interested parties like hackers and spying people or government bodies. It logs nothing about your traffic usage and thus, offers a complete privacy solution with no trackable history. Its free package comes with 250 MB per day traffic usage.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

zenmate VPN


GetPrivate makes sure that all of your Internet connections go through secure tunnels and superfast servers located worldwide to provide a smooth and private Internet experience. It provides unlimited bandwidth for all your web surfing, and opens all censored content and websites for you.

Platforms supported: Windows

getprivate VPN


Hole is not a usual VPN but a peer-to-peer VPN much like other P2P networks. It’s a community-powered service where users help each other to make content on the web accessible for all. It encrypts your data and routes your traffic through other nodes (peers) to provide superior anonymity. It can even stream torrents instantly and play videos directly without downloading.

Platforms supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

hola VPN

Datho VPN

Datho VPN lets you stay safe online and stop websites from tracking you. It protects your privacy by hiding your online traffic from potential attackers and unblocks restricted websites. It uses a shared IP address and keeps no logs to give you the highest level of anonymity. Its network consists of 70+ servers in 17 countries with unlimited P2P traffic allowance. Its free pack limits speed to 800 kbps.

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android


VPN Defender

VPN Defender provides a simple, secure and fast solution to protect your privacy and identity while online is challenging. It keeps you and your data safe from probable attackers and watchers. It encrypts all your data, yet provides a fast and unrestricted Internet that’s well-protected even on public Wi-Fi.

Platforms supported: iOS, Android



GoVPN lets you access the web your way – access any content, open restricted websites and watch region-restricted videos or TV shows from any country. It secures and hides your private data and online identity while browsing the Internet, and evenencrypts your VoIP services. It claims to keep no logs of your browsing history, thus making you more anonymous!

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android