How to make a Cartoon effect in adobe Photoshop CS6

Every one love to making cartoons, may be drawing cartoons is your childhood hobby right? But today we are living such a way that we have no time to make a scratch with our those Black Pencils. But technology gives us such a platform that we can make a cartoon easily or you can turn any photo in to a cartoon. There are lots of tools available to make cartoon effect Photo. Among those tools adobe photoshop is the best but there are also some photoshop alternative is available. In this article we are going to write about make a cartoon effects of your Photos by using abobe Photoshop CS6.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial to make Cartoon effect

Adobe Photoshop is the quickest and easiest way to make a cartoon Photo. You can also follow this method easily without having much knowledge about how to use Photoshop.

Step1: Open your Photos in Adobe Photoshop then Resize and Crop as you can adjust it. First of all you need to make a new layer of your Photo. Press Shift+ Ctrl N to make a new layer in Photoshop CS6.

Step2: Next Select an area in your Image like your eyes, sun glasses etc. You can use Polygonal Lasso Tool to select those particular areas in your image. Once you select an area then right click on it and Make a new Work path like this below Image. PhotoshoP cartoon effectsStep3: Next Click on the Pen Tool and then right click on the select area and Click on the Fill Path Option. Where you can select color for your Selected areas and then click OK. Cartoon effect in Photoshop CS6Step4:  You can select multiple areas for one work path layer to do it easily. You can select multiple areas like i mentioned above. You can use various colors like for hair Black, for ear ring Golden as well. Once you done coloring then Adjust all the layers like in this video.
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