iPad Not Charging Error How to fix it quickly

iPad Not charging Error how to get ride of this problem.. sometimes new iPad/iPhone also getting this error so here is the guide to how to solved this big issue. These days most of the iPad users reported that their iPad is not charging Properly. But sometimes this issue could be occurred due to your Charging Cable coz Apple devices does’t work properly with third-parties charger. So you always need to care about your Device Accessories. Try to protect your iPhone or iPad charging port from Junks.. ok these are the basic solution that every one knows about it…. But in this article we are going to give you some Practical solution for your iPad and iPhone.

Use only Apple Certified Charger

You need to make sure that your device connected with the perfect charging cable otherwise you may faced battery consumption issues. Once your device battery is get empty then it may take at least 10 minutes  for iPhone and 20 minutes for iPad so don’t unplugged the charger at that moment otherwise you will see a black screen.

Hard Reset Your iPad

If your iPad is won’t charge then at first try to make a hard reset for your device. To hard reset your device hold down both the Sleep/Wake button until it get restarted. The steps as follows.

1 . Press and hold the Sleep and Home Button together at the same time for few seconds.

2. You will see an Apple logo after few seconds of holding.

3 . Now your device is restored.

Once you completed the above steps successfully then try to connect your charger again.

Try to Change Your Charger:

After connecting your device with the Power cable if you get an alert that your Charger is not Certified, then Try to change your charger to an another one some time it may works for you.

iTunes Restore:

Some time you need to restore your iPhone or iPad in iTunes. It may fix your iPad not charging Problem if it occurs due to offloads and re-installation problem. Follow the below steps to restore your iPad with iTunes.

1 . Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on your computer, if your device is not visible then check the Show button.

2 . Take a Backup of your files and data.

3 . Click on the summary Tab and then Restore button.

Once you finished all of the above steps successfully then iTunes will show you that your device is Restored successfully. Then try to charging again.

iPhone or iPad not charging contact Customer Service:

Sometimes your device may has some hardware error. In such cases you need to talk to the Apple customer service. If your device has manufacture problem then they will replace your Device with batteries and other accessories also. If you have Apple Care near you then try to contact them as soon as Possible. If Apple Service is not visible in Your area then make a call in 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Hope you found something helpful in the above paragraph. Thanks for visiting if you had experienced such issues then write it in our comment section.

How to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12

There is a cool way to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone. Here is this article we are going to discuss about How to transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12. Recently Apple has announced two iPhone in India, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 comes with Big screen size along with huge amount of Memory space. So, you may like to watch movies and Videos on your big screen. If you have saved awesome movies on your computer then you need to know how to transfer Movies from your Computer to iPhone by using iTunes 12. iTunes 12 allows you to transfer videos, photos and Music from your Computer to iPhone. But when you transferring the files you need to make sure which library we are  using to syncing videos and Music. otherwise iTunes may erase your existed data from your iphone.

Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone by using iTunes 12

iTunes 12 is little bit different from the previous one. So you need to know how to use iTunes 12 for transferring photos and videos to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Here is the guide to Sync your data bu using iTunes 12.

  • Plug your iPhone in to computer using a USB cable.
  • Once it successfully connected a new Pop-up window will open where you can see the icon for your Mobile in the upper left corner of the pop-up window. Click on that icon to get access to your iPhone.
  • Next Click on the Photos option Which will appear on the bottom of the Left sidebar.
  • Now go to the Sync Photos option, then choose the Sync All Folders or Selected Folders. From there you can select Include Videos to sync your all personal videos. For the Selected Folder option you can select folder from your PC which you want to Sync. The above process will works like this Pictures>All Folders or Selected folders or Include Videos> Select Your Videos and Folder
  • Once you select your folder then click on Done button and next Apply. Now iTunes will transfer your Photos to your iPhone or iPad.

iPad Pro: Apple's 12.9-Inch Tablet, Everything you need to know about.

Anyone thinking of buying an iPad Pro and do the math to $799.00 it costs, you might want to redo the math, because in case you want to keep your iPad protected with Apple’s iPhone , will have to spend over $799.00

Advantages of  iPad Pro

#Videos and games look gorgeous on the big screen
#Excellent canvas for drawing
#Magazine size screen is a joy for reading
#It weighs just 1.6lbs
#Great splitscreen multitasking in iOS 9
#Solid 10-hour battery life

Compare the ipad pro with other apple products

If you thought the previous smart smart covers and cases for iPads were normal guys ($47 and $94 respectively) just wait to see how much is that Apple wants to charge to keep the new iPad Pro protected . The Smart Cover for iPad Pro costs $73, and if they want to protect the back will have to opt for silicone case costing – get ready -$94.


Image: Digitaltrends

It’s big, but you’ll love every inch of it

There’s nothing mysterious about the iPad Pro. It looks exactly like the iPad Air and iPad Mini have for a couple of years now. The only difference is that it’s ginormous. With a 12.9-inch screen, the first time you hold it, you’re in awe. It’s almost like you angrily ripped off the screen of a laptop and decided to pretend it’s totally normal to carry it around. That feeling of absurdity fades away as soon as you start to use it.

Here’s a good way to visualize its size: If you have a regular 9.7-inch iPad Air, set it down and picture another iPad Air sitting next to it. Combine them and you have an iPad Pro. It’s about as thin as other iPads, and for its size, is downright lean at 1.6 pounds. Just a few years ago, nearly every small tablet weighed that much, and spread across this size, it doesn’t feel heavier than it should. With two hands, it’s comfortable to hold, even while reading for a few hours.

holding a ipad pro

Image: Digitaltrends

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Naturally, it’s impossible to hold one-handed, so you’re not going to be able to hold the subway pole in one hand and the iPad Pro in the other during your commute. It’s not ideal to carry around with you if you’re used to a 7- or 8-inch tablet, but it’s a fair sight lighter than a laptop, and I’d argue that most people don’t actually bring their iPad Air around with them everyday either. The iPad usually lives at home — so why not make it larger?

ipadair2-smartcase-silver-2014In the case of the iPad Pro , Apple is asking for 89 euros for a silicone case , which will have to add a Smart Cover for over 73.47 US Dollar , bringing the total to 168.25 US Dollar( for comparison, can buy an Apple TV 190.66 US Dollar) Be left to those who think that this amount is completely unreasonable use cases from other brands , they certainly will do the same work for a fraction of this amount.

But do not think that the expenses related to the iPad Pro stop there . If you want an Apple Pencil prepare to spend over $116 . This, if not in a hurry, because the deadline for Apple Pencil is at this time of 4-5 weeks. A delay that is leading to large -trading on Ebay , where Apple Pencil is reaching values ​​greater than $426

How to Make MAC OS X Yosemite Installation Bootable Disk

Hello Mac Lovers in this tutorial we are going to discuss about How to Make MAC OS X Yosemite Installation Bootable Disk. Apple releases every OS updates on iStore from where you can download the direct OS Files which requires more than 5GB data. You can create a bootable installation of Yosemite or any other OS X release on a USB Drive. If you have OS X bootable disk then you don’t need to download the installer file every time.

Requirements to make OS X Yosemite Bootable Disk

First, A USB flash drive with minimum free space of 8GB. Second, Download OS X Yosemite from the Mac App store. Next Download DiskMaker X. This is the best Disk Maker for MAC, there is also other ways to mount the installer, but this is the easiest way we found. Make sure that you complete the whole process before proceeding with the installation as the system deletes the downloaded installation files after you’ve installed the new update.

First you need to format the USB drive with ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled)’file system and name it ‘Untitled’. Next write the following command:

sudo /Applications/Install OS X Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/Untitled — applicationpath /Applications/Install OSX Yosemite.app –nointeraction

Then press [Return]. The process will continue after you type in the administrator password. It will take minimum duration of 20-30 minutes for completion.

Watch this Following Tutorial to Complete your Doubt

How To Speed Up your Slow MAC machine??

Are you facing issue with your Mac device or does your Mac machine perform slowly?? But this article is for you to help you identify and fix the problem of your Mac. There are many reasons behind this problem. So this short article to optimize your Mac and make it better speed. There is a lot of tools to cleaning your programs like CCleaner it can remove temporary files but it won’t increase your Mac speed.

Find Running Application Processes

When you Turn on your Mac machine, laptop or Desktop what it is…… its start running with some unnecessary Applications. So First you have to close down this unnecessary application or software. You can check your running application or processes manually. Use the Activity Monitor to check all the Application running processes. To open Activity monitor press Command+Space or go to the Spotlight search and type Activity Monitor and Press Enter.

Now you can see of your CPU % and CPU usage of your machine and also it shows up the running Application process and how much your CPU is usage. Some time a single application of your Laptop may eating 99% of you CPU which can really slow down your machine. In this case to close the Application Select it and click the X button on the toolbar. Before closing your Application make sure that you are not close any application you are on working. Try to close the unnecessary Application or any other application that eaten up your CPU.

If you are not getting the close button then click the View option and select All Processes running on your device. You can see the application running process and memory uses of your device by Clicking over the Memory section. By same method check the Disk option too and make sure that there is also no other application that use your disk heavily by doing these steps you can Speed Up your Slow MAC machine. We attach an image to make your work easy.

Mac OS running process


Close Running Application

Some time Some application will remain running in the background after closing it, it will make your device slow. Some time MAC OS X leaves application running in the dock and some time close button make the application running  which may running slowly or may not close properly. So look at the dock and close the application which is remain running with dot icon. To close the application right clock or Ctrl+click on icons and select Quit now you done.mac os application


Close Startup Programs

Your may be start with some start up application that means when you Turn on your device it may automatically start with some Application, which you don’t like to run when you start your Mac. Which may slow down your device.

To check the startup application or programs open the System Preferences by clicking on the Apple icon and select System Preferences  click on User and groups  icon and select your user account. next you have to click on user Login items. Uncheck any applications that you don’t want to starting when you star your device. or you can add more apps on startup by drag and drop into this list or click the + icon button.

Use Less animations

More animation and Transparency can eat ur graphics hardware which can reduce the speed. To do this open the System preferences and click on Acccessibility  icon and check the Reduce Transparency option to reduce Transparencies. mac transparency


Check FileVault Disk Encryption

FileVault Disk Encryption is a default programs by Mac OS X Yosemite, which helps you to secure the Mac’s file and prevent the unauthorized access to them. Which also stop people to changing the password on your Mac and Singing in without your permission. You can do it on System Preferences window click on the Security and Privacy icon, click the FileVault heading and turn File Vault disk encryption off. We highly recommend to not to do this unless yo getting long time to boot or sign in.

mac File security


Finder Preferences

When you use to view your files it opens to an All My Files view by default. if you have large no of files on your device it may take a long to load the files every time you use to open a new finder window. you can stop it from happening by setting up the finder option. Select Preferences in Finder. Select your all Finder windows automatically open to your Downloads Folder. Now finder won’t load All my files view anymore.

finder mac



After Doing all the Above you may got better speed than before. If you still facing same issue then try to keep more free space on your device, More disk space can speed up your device. To check your disk space Click on Apple menu, Select About this mac and look under the storage heading. if you don’t have more free space then try to keep more free spaces.

Probably now you may feel better with your device the only one which is last choice is still available for you Reset. But this will Reset your all settings better to not to do this but if you have any issue on your Device due to wrong option setting then it will solve your problem. To resetting your device go to System management Controller or SMC .

I hope this article is helpful for you thanxx for reading this Tutorial.