So, Finally Ubuntu 17.04 is on hand and here we are going to discuss about some amazing features of Ubuntu 17.04 that you can try for sure. Ubuntu 17.04 the code name is Zesty Zapus. Long term Ubuntu user who like to play with code for them this version will be awful. So, First things first once you… (0 comment)

The Next most awaited Ubuntu version 17.10 which is scheduled to release on Oct 19, 2017. So, Here we going to tell you about some more interesting features of Ubuntu 17.10 which we are collect from various sources. But we are not pretty sure about what features we will get from this version but we… (0 comment)

Now a days Young stars are very passionate about Coding and Hacking. Many of us also started Learning hacking because of its high demand. If you are a good coder or hacker then you no need to worry about your career, lots of tech companies are out there and you can get your dream job easily.… (0 comment)

These days Programming and web development create a lot of buzz among the youth which is really great for the next generation. Around 13 years ago Mark made a great history and Now he made billion of money. But no one really knows how many time he spend on coding. If you are dreaming like that… (0 comment)