Nvidia launches NVS 810 video walls and multi-screen systems

When it comes to graphics cards, invariably we think of a card capable of giving us the maximum speed for games. But there are areas where the needs are different, and prioritizing plates as this new Nvidia NVS 810, capable of supporting up to 8 displays 4K.

NVS nvidia Graphics

Some prioritize the frames per second that a graphics card can achieve in your favorite game; there are those who give priority to the number of monitors that can connect to a single card. It is to the latter that Nvidia proposes this new NVS 810. The NVS line Nvidia is not widely known to the general public as it is a series dedicated to supporting the the largest number of simultaneous monitors – feature that makes them of interest to anyone who wants to create video walls or information / advertising systems.

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NVS nvidia Graphics

The NVS 810 has 4GB of RAM and 8 mini DisplayPort outputs, which allows the connection of 8 simultaneous monitors, each with a maximum resolution of 4096×2160. In the case of connect 8 monitors with this resolution will be limited to a frequency of 30Hz – if you need 60Hz can only connect up to four monitors with this resolution. But of course that the interest of these cards multiplies as you install more plates these on a computer. Nvidia The drivers allow use 4x NVS 810 in one system, which allows them to be 32 monitors 4K connected to a single computer (same as “only” using two could have set up a video wall 4×4 monitors 4K, a total of 16384×8640 pixels)! … Just do not expect to be able to play with decent frame rate in such resolutions (unless, perhaps, something like mine sweeper.)