Facebook debuts in paid stickers for Messenger from PicoCandy

Already too have criticized Facebook for is being increasingly scrounger, and it seems that his appetite for dollars it will now also apply to users with the provision of stickers packs paid to the FB Messenger.


This entry in the business of stickers sale is made ​​timid , as it is not done directly by Facebook but by one of its partners, PicoCandy . Worse even is that offer paid stickers to adorn the messages of those who want them, but the horrible way to implementation, which requires users of Facebook Messenger to have an additional app from PicoCandy (apart from the Messenger) , the which have to resort not only to buy and manage their stickers but also whenever they want to use them.

It’s something that in the future will surely be integrated into Messenger , but for now makes the whole process is too laborious and time consuming to whom you want to use.

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That said, do not criticize this way of making money. People often forget that Facebook , like many others, is a company , and that its purpose is to make money-a concept that sometimes seems to escape whom use their free services .

Using Facebook is free, but do not forget that someone has to pay for the data centers and huge costs that have (and as they say , when a service is free , it is because we are the product.


To me it does not shock me that these services seek to make money at the expense of options and aesthetic elements like this stickers for sale (a service that may seem ridiculous to some, but that has yielded more than 10 million per month Line two years ago , with far fewer users than Facebook does).

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It is always preferable to limit the functionality between modalities free /paid ( for example, sending pictures via Messenger was only available for those who had paid to unlock this feature.) But. even agreeing and finding joke to this system , does not mean you go spending a cent that is it.