How To Start learning RUBY from Scratch Lesson-1

There are lots of programming language out there but now ruby is on high demand. Every programming language has its own unique sets of keywords and syntaxes that’s why every languages is differ from each other. Now a days programmers are in huge huge high demands and lots of startup companies are using Ruby. The reason i start writing about ruby is it has a large community and high demand and tons of ruby resources available out there. So, i choose ruby over all the other programming language. Its not the easiest programming to learn but it is the definitely  one of valuable programming language to learn. In the below paragraph i am going to write about How to start Learning Ruby from scratch.

If you don’t have any programming diploma or college education then probably Ruby and Php is the best languages to start learning with. The truth is programmers is now such a high demands that you don’t need a college degree. There  are lots of programmers is out there if you want to  start your career with this industry then you need to always remember that your talent, your skill and  your portfolio is the key to stay with this. In this article i will cover how to install Ruby on your Computer.

Here is the beginners step to start learning with Ruby

In the very first beginning go to the ruby and download a ruby framework to start with. Once you completed the downloading process then go ahead and click on the installation button. When you get the below options then select all of those and hit the install button and get started. ruby installation

Once you have Ruby install on your computer then you can start learning with Ruby. You can use any text editor or sublime text to write codes. In the very first beginning i am going to write some simple commands like Print, Puts etc.

  • Open Your Text editor and Create a New File with .rb title. (Here i using Sublime text to write code you can also download it from the official website… for more information Just Google it.
  • Lets Start a New File With the name Ruby Lesson1.rb, the code that i am going to write in the file is

print "This is my First Ruby Lesson"
puts "This is my first Tutorials"
Print "This is my first Ruby command"
Puts "Ok, lets get started"

  • Now, go to the command prompt and run the ruby lesson1.rb File. 

If the file is running well then you are ready to get started.